Asking yourself the BIG Questions?

These are just some of the BIG questions that many of us start asking ourselves as women in our 50’s and 60’s!

They’re ‘BIG’ because they make us reassess where we are and what we’re doing and whether that’s what we really want to be doing! Powerful questions like these can often become a catalyst for change, cutting through inertia and kick-starting an urgent search for answers.

If YOU are on a quest to find a new sense of alignment, fulfilment, purpose and meaning to put at the heart of your next chapter, welcome…. I think you’ll find yourself right at home here!

Creating Plan P

If we’ve not met before, hello there, I’m Karen Knott and my business, passion and mission is helping you create and implement new opportunities for ‘what’s next’.

I’m a personal development and business coach and I created my transformative ‘Plan P’ process to help you unlock your potential, unleash your dreams and create a dynamic new vision to take you forward into a new phase of life.

Plan P is all about designing and creating a future in the fabulous sweet-spot where your Passion, Purpose, Potential and Prosperity intersect.

What that looks like is different for everyone

Plan P is all about finding the right outlet for what YOU uniquely have to offer – whether that’s starting a business of your own (a favourite option for many of the women I work with)…. writing and publishing a book… or making a significant change in your life.

It’s all about YOU finding the answers to the big questions YOU are asking yourself and then – and this is where the real magic happens – creating a plan to ensure it becomes a tangible reality.

It’s time to respond to what’s calling you…

I know that this can be a HUGELY rewarding and fulfilling time for us as women in our 50’s and 60’s… a fantastic opportunity to put our hard won and precious life-experience and talents to good use and transform it all into something personally meaningful, valuable and purposeful. 

It’s never too late to uncover your purpose, to leverage your wealth of life-experience and combine desire with inspired action.

You already have something unique to offer and there’s a ‘you shaped hole’ in the world that you alone can fill. Whoever you are and whatever you do, the world NEEDS your experience, talents and passion – NOW more than ever before.

Now is your time to make a difference, your time to be the best at what you love doing, your time to use your skills to enrich not only your own life, but the lives of others.

You have so much ahead of you and so much still to contribute, but right now you might well be feeling a bit stuck or unsure what to do next.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

You really don’t have to do this on your own – you’ll find community, support, information and inspiration on offer here, to help you find the confidence and clarity you need to get your show on the road!

Start by signing up for your free MP3 Audio Training: How to Bring Your Plan P to Life… a fantastic training resource to gently ease you in and help you get the ball rolling!