Hello! I’m delighted to welcome you to our fast-growing community of women who’ve decided to become part of the new wave of fifty and sixty-year-old ‘prime-preneurs’!

If you’re looking to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, unlock your potential, unleash your dreams and kick-start a brilliant new way of living and earning, it sounds like you’re ready to create your very own ‘Plan P’.

In which case, I think you’ll find yourself right at home here!

I’m Karen Knott and your business is my business! (Not JUST my business but my passion and mission too!) In my experience, building a heart-centered business is one of THE most fulfilling, expanding and rewarding adventures you can experience as a midlife woman.

New opportunities for ‘what’s next’

Yes, it’s about creating a solid income, but it’s also about creating something meaningful on your own terms, doing what you love & what you do best…. a fantastic opportunity to transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable and purposeful.

And so, if that sounds as good to you as it does to me, then you’re in just the right place to start and grow something that can seriously improve your life!

Because THAT is exactly what a ‘prime time’ business is all about

Whoever you are and whatever you do, the world NEEDS your experience, talents and passion. Whether you’re at the ‘thinking about it’ stage or the ‘going for it’ stage, you’ll find community, support, information and inspiration on offer here, to help you find the confidence and clarity you need to get your show on the road!

You’ve found your way here for a reason but now that you are here you might well be thinking, ‘So now what do I do?’  Well, that’s an easy one to answer! The simplest and best way forward is with a conversation.

Conversation is at the heart of everything I do with clients, so please accept this invitation to join me for a chat by booking your Welcome Call. There is no agenda other than good, old fashioned connection…. and nobody leaves their Welcome Call without a goody-bag of inspiration to take away with them!

And please don’t leave without signing up for your free Audio Training: How to Bring Your Plan P to Life… a fantastic free training resource to help you on your business journey. 

Glad to have you here!