A to Z of being a PRIME-PRENEUR: H is for HEART-CENTRED

H is for Heart-Centred


Welcome to the A to Z of being a PRIMEPRENEUR – a series of short, one-minute videos illustrating the joys and challenges of starting a later life business!

Heart-centred business owner are motivated to start a business because they’re passionate about what they do and want to make a difference through their work.

They are driven by a desire to nurture, inspire, help or empower other people.


This manifests itself in all sorts of wonderful ways… by maybe showing people how to eat better, look better, coaching them to a happier, healthier life, or giving them tools to help them grow their business…. but whatever ‘it’ is, it’s something they strongly believe will improve their client’s life in some way. All the primepreneurs that I meet are on this path: they’re doing something they love, and something they feel adds value to the world.

But just because it’s heart-centered doesn’t make it any less of a business – they are still running a profit-making venture but money is not the key motivator – success is not just about the bottom line but also about the amount of positive impact they have on others!

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