Prime Time ManifestoSharing what we’re all about

Creating and growing a ‘prime time business’ signifies the start of an adventurous new phase of life for the many 50+ women who respond to that quiet but persistent ‘inner calling’ to create our Plan P and align who we are with what we do; to create a more meaningful and satisfying way of living and working on our own terms.

Our businesses are as unique and varied as we are but this manifesto highlights what we all have in common – business as a vehicle for our passion, purpose, potential and prosperity. 

Evolution | Opportunity | Alignment | Choice


Passion is the shining energy and inspiration at the heart of what we do. It’s what fires us up and lights us up – it’s the fuel on which we thriveOur passion finds expression through what we do – work we care about and love to do.

 Head | Heart | Intuition | Energy


We’re here to shine our light and share our gifts with the world in our own unique way by doing what we naturally do best.

We each have our own compelling ‘reason why’ that underpins our desire to make an impact and make a difference by creating something personally meaningful, viable and satisfying.

Contribution | Mission | Authenticity | Meaning

We’re ready to create and embrace new opportunities for ‘what’s next’ by taking purposeful action to nurture our desires and fully realise our potential.  We’re lifelong learners eager to develop ourselves and expand our personal boundaries to get where we want to be and do what we want to do and to achieve success on our own terms.

Growth | Expansion | Learning | Fulfilment

ProspOur financial prosperity goes hand in hand with personal prosperity – it’s about thriving in all areas of life. We value being able to live a life we love while we make a living and create wealth. Our reward is not only financial but is interlinked with a deep sense of contribution and fulfilment.

Satisfaction | Accomplishment | Abundance

If these ideas resonate with you too, join me for a Virtual Coffee and let’s see if we can move things forward for you.