An Ounce of Action is Worth More than a Ton of Theory

My name is Karen and I hereby confess to having had an almost compulsive book addiction. I say that in the past tense because no more – I’m going cold turkey! I’m not giving up reading books altogether you understand (never!) just ‘business’ books.

This picture is just a tiny portion of what’s sitting on my bookshelf, not to mention the pile stacked by the side of the bed – where there’s enough unread material to probably see me through to the end of the year!

I used to get very excited when a new business blockbuster hit the shops and I was a sucker for all the hype surrounding the latest ‘bestseller’. (I put that in inverted commas because it seems to me that virtually every book is a bestseller. Which is a bit odd, don’t you think?)

I used to view my book addiction almost like a badge of honour in a ‘look at me, I’m a life-long learner!’ sort of way but now I’ve seen the negative side of this craving.

I realised that much of what I was reading wasn’t new information at all. To be totally blunt, it was often little more than a re-hash of existing information and wisdom…mostly saying the same things but in different ways. (And sometimes even saying the same things in much the SAME ways!)

I really don’t mean to be disparaging to all the authors who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their offering but reading multiple versions of stuff I already know doesn’t strike me as the most productive thing to do!

Enough is enough

I have enough information. In fact, I’m up to my eyes with information! I don’t NEED any more information because – deep breath – I already know enough.

There I said it!

There’s an important point to be made here because there’s another, darker side to being a book junkie and it’s this:

Very often we use learning as an excuse for not doing. And learning without implementing what we’ve learned isn’t really going to get anyone very far is it?

Not me. Not you.

I don’t need any more information because I actually know enough already. (That’s twice I’ve said it now…. and hey, I’m actually starting to believe it! You should try it!)

When learning becomes a form of self-sabotage it’s time to stop.

You don’t need to read any more business books or absorb any more information… or watch any more free webinars… or download any more opt-ins because – now listen very carefully because this is very important you already know enough. And let’s face it, whilst creating a business certainly does have its challenges (procrastination being one very BIG one!), it’s not exactly rocket science either – but you DO have to get started!

An ounce of action…

There is SO much information out there that it’s very tempting to read a bit more, learn a bit more or research, refine and perfect just a little bit more. In fact, you can happily do any or all of these things until the cows come home. And THAT is exactly what a lot of people do, instead of what they really need to be doing which is taking action and implementing what they already know.

An ounce of action

There’s a saying I regularly share with my clients and it’s this: an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Because, with the best will in the world, you can’t create and grow a business simply by reading a darned book.

There IS only one way to do this and that’s by DOING IT!

And another thing – watch out, I’m on a roll now – by far the best and most satisfying way to ‘do it’ is always going to be YOUR way, rather than slavishly trying to do it the way some ‘expert’ tells you you ‘should’ be doing it!

It’s time to stop reading about it and start giving it a go – that’s when the real learning starts!

At some point you have to acknowledge that learning can only take you so far and the rest of the journey has to be experienced.

To make it happen you have to take regular, consistent action

Join the Success Circle

And yes, doing this is a lot more challenging than reading about doing it! But…. doing it with unwavering support and encouragement is completely different than trying to do it all on your own. And yes, this IS a shameless plug, but only because it’s totally appropriate to what I’m saying – the Success Circle could be exactly what you need to help you DO THIS.

Because we both know you’re here to do a heck of a lot more than just reading books.

So here’s my challenge for you…

What ‘ounce of action’ can you take today or this week, to move you and your business aspirations one step further forward?

I look forward to hearing from you – just post in the comments below!

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