Answering this question is THE place to start

Take 10Welcome to the latest in the series of video blog posts called Take 10!…. simple, practical business tips and strategies in bite-sized segments to help you get things done 10 minutes at a time!

First watch the video and then with the help of the instantly downloadable worksheet below take 10 minutes and take action!

Today’s Take 10! is about finding the answer to ONE question…and when you DO, it’ll impact the way you think about and run your entire business.

If you want to get clarity about who exactly you can best serve with your business so you can create authentic connections and be of genuine service, then answering this question is THE place to start. (It’s one of the very first things my clients tackle in depth when we start working together.)

The question is: Who is your ideal client?

I know it’s a question that many resist answering altogether because narrowing your focus when you’re trying to grow a business somehow feels totally counter-intuitive, not to mention, plain scary!

But take a look at today’s Take 10! and I’ll explain why it makes total business sense to do this, then grab a pen and use the worksheet to help you start figuring out who your perfect clients are and how you can reach, engage & attract more of them!

>>> Download your worksheet here <<<

Over to you….

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