Video Interview with Jo Tocher: Creating Meaning From Loss

What am I doing here? I’m a changed person and THIS is not what I am meant to be doing!”

These are the words of my guest Jo Tocher in today’s Prime Time Women in Action video interview. In our conversation Jo talks candidly about how she made the decision to leave the corporate world after she experienced a miscarriage at 24 weeks.

This traumatic event changed her life and her direction, culminating in the creation of a business she loves.

Our ‘bad’ times can be a powerful catalyst

Jo Tocher

We all experience ups and downs in life… and unfortunately, bad things DO happen. A devastating event can knock our whole world off-kilter, changing our perspective on just about everything…  BUT as you’ll hear in our interview, it can also be an opportunity for significant personal growth as well as a powerful catalyst for positive change.

“For me, it feels like I’ve come full circle from my tragedy to getting to my place of meaning and helping other people through their loss.”

Jo knows all too well how devastating the trauma of miscarriage can be, and is now on a powerful mission to use her wealth of experience as a holistic therapist and mentor to help women work through the loss of a baby during pregnancy.

This conversation is about more than Jo’s personal story

It’s a conversation about how painful experiences can completely reorientate our lives, setting us on a path we might otherwise never have found. It’s a conversation about using our experience to make a difference to others and it’s a conversation about creating meaning from loss and turning personal tragedy into something valuable and purposeful by being of service to others.

I’m grateful to Jo for joining me, and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

And you?

It’s more often our negative experiences or challenges which lead us to re-evaluate who we are and what we do… and a catalyst of some sort usually lies behind the decision to start a later-life business.

Has your business evolved in response to events in your life? What was the catalyst that kickstarted a change of direction for you?

Please share any comments in the box below – we’d love to hear from you.

More about Jo…

Jo Tocher is an experienced holistic therapist who has been working in the field of complementary therapies since 1997. After taking a diploma in Aromatherapy at the world famous Tisserand Institute she went on to train in multiple therapies, including Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Hypnosis, Wellbeing Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Vitali Chi, and The Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

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A to Z of being a primepreneur: A is for AGE

Welcome to the A to Z of being a PRIMEPRENEUR – a series of short, one-minute videos illustrating the joys and challenges of starting a later life business!

I’ve been compiling my list of A to Z options for this project for a while now and THEN…. just as I was about to post this first video, I happened to come across ‘someone’ doing the same thing – a certain Mr Branson no less! (Yes, THAT one!)

Well, ‘that’s that then!’ was my immediate response – I mean, how on earth could I possibly go ahead now!

But then, after I’d calmed down and watched a few of his videos, I realised that although the concept is the same, the content is completely different. The things I’ve chosen to highlight in this A to Z series are very different from Mr B’s and the whole point of these short one minute videos is to illustrate the key ways in which a later-life business differs from others….. and it might even be fun to watch the two together and do a compare and contrast!

And so, having considered a number of different contenders for ‘A’ – authenticity, attitude and alignment, to name but a few – I decided to start with A is for AGE.

Over to you…

Maybe you have some other ‘A’s’ to add to the list…. as always, I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below to share your views.

Time to get grounded, centred and energised?

September. Already! As an ex-teacher, this time of year still has a special ‘new term, new start’ vibe about it for me…. combined with a mysterious desire to sharpen pencils and buy brand new stationery! (Or is that just me?)

For many of us it’s the time when the real world starts creeping back into our lives as we return from our summer holidays refreshed and ready to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into business again.

It takes more than sharp pencils and new stationery!

But as summer starts to melt into autumn, it can be tough to make the transition from a more relaxed schedule to focusing on creating new opportunities for our beloved businesses.It’s not unusual to find ourselves raring to go without knowing exactly WHERE it is we should be going!

Nope…. getting back into a regular routine is no easy feat and maybe you’re feeling it too! Maybe you’re thinking that it’s going to take something more than sharp pencils and a few new planners to kick-start your productivity, because the only thing you seem to have successfully kick-started is a whole lot of OVERWHELM.

Time to get grounded

In this morning’s yoga class my teacher was talking about this very thing… well, not getting back to business exactly but transitioning from summer to autumn.  As I lay there on my mat trying to stop my brain from racing and thinking about all the things I want to accomplish, she explained that each new season comes with an opportunity to see things from another perspective and as autumn approaches, it’s time to get grounded and re-connected before moving forward again.

Grounding….reconnecting with your centre…. balance, clarity, energy and empowerment…. honestly, I felt a wave of relief just listening to these words! I mean who wouldn’t want to exchange their overwhelm for a bit of that!

Grounded… centred… energised

As tempting as it is to rush off in headless chicken mode this September, it’s important to remember that ‘doing’ isn’t what makes us productive…. it’s doing the RIGHT things. And to do that we need to first reconnect with the big picture because THAT’S where we find clarity, focus and direction.

The quickest, most effective way I know of helping my clients find these three powerful ingredients is with my visual coaching tool: the Magic Map.

The principle is very simple. It uses a series of questions designed to get you thinking about the key bits of your business. It then uses your responses to create your Magic Map – a visual snapshot of your ‘big picture’.

Together we then explore your Magic Map and use the clarity it provides to design the way ahead so you can get on and DO what you know you’re here to do. It’s the perfect antidote to ‘that September feeling’!

So if you find yourself ‘faffing around’ sharpening pencils, check out details of my Magic Map process and bring an invigorating shot of inspiration, focus and energy back into your business.