Embracing the Change

Embracing the changeAs a woman reading this, there’s a fair chance that, like me, you are a ‘woman of a certain age’.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve grown quite fond of it as a description because it has a certain air of mystery and ambiguity attached to it…. a sort of shorthand way of communicating the characteristics of a unique life stage!

But more than that, there’s a spark to it which says, ‘I’m at a point in life where I finally get to make my own choices!’

Growing Pains

When you think about it, this stage of life bears more than a just a passing resemblance to adolescence – both being a bit of a no-man’s land out of which a new person finally emerges! And, just as adolescence transforms the child into the adult, the intention of this stage of life for US is also transformation….. but forget the clichés about ‘midlife crisis – the challenging symptoms of our ‘second adolescence’ are simply ‘growing pains’ moving us ever closer to the next phase of life.

The times they are a-changin’

Changing timesWe most certainly DO go through a ‘change of life’ – but I’m NOT talking about hot flushes, wayward hormones and other such delights here. I’m talking about emotional, spiritual and mental changes….when things like passion and purpose suddenly move to the top of the agenda as we become clearer about our needs, priorities and non-negotiable values.

To quote Bob Dylan, ‘the times they are a-changin” for us women of a certain age – a natural time to reflect and re-evaluate and a precious chance to consult our instincts and trust them to nudge us forward in the right direction of change.

Expansion, development and evolution

If we choose to embrace the changes this life stage has to offer, it can be a time of unparalleled expansion, development and evolution but as we know all too well, making change of any sort is often more daunting than exciting!

Perhaps you recognise that you are indeed standing at some sort of ‘life junction’ right now, struggling to work out your next move and would willingly embrace this change… if only you knew what it was – right? 


I meet many women at this very place – grappling with similar thoughts, choices and decisions, desperately wanting to own their worth, experience and wisdom…. wanting to do meaningful, creative, fulfilling work, wanting to earn an income doing what makes their heart sing…..but not knowing WHAT that could be!

Many of us yearn to ‘do our own thing’… to create a business that harnesses our passion and potential and allows us to shape our professional and personal future in the way we want. I certainly did – and I remember all too well, the sheer frustration at not being able to find the ‘thing’ that would allow me to actually DO it. Because of course, before you can DO it, you have to KNOW WHAT IT IS!

A Catch-22 with the potential to keep you well and truly STUCK.

Not knowing the destination doesn’t stop you becoming an explorer

The thing is, you can stay STUCK indefinitely or, you can start exploring your options and get yourself in position, so that when inspiration strikes (and it will) you can act on it.

It’s about sending a clear signal to the Universe that you’re ready – and available – for what you really desire. Just because what you want isn’t clear today, doesn’t mean you should passively wait (…and wait) for it to arrive!

Inspiration IncubatorIt really pains me to see women who have SO much to offer, give up on their dreams for want of a simple, effective process to guide and structure their thoughts and lead them to the outcome they crave. And it was this that motivated me to create the Inspiration Incubator programme specifically for women of a certain age who decide to take the path of exploration and ACTIVELY look for inspiration rather than waiting for ‘it’ to find them!

The thing is, YOUR inspiration is already there, within you – all you need do is dig deep and dig in the right place to find it and that is EXACTLY what this programme will help you do.

My message to you is simply to stop ‘pushing and wishing’ and forget about ‘destination’. When you decide to embrace the change and start exploring possibilities, you’ll find that life is still very much a dynamic process with HUGE opportunities to live a bigger, bolder, happier life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.’

Tell me…

So dear reader… what does it mean to you to be ‘a woman of a certain age’? Has it been a time of exploration and change? I am SO looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

A to Z of being a PRIMEPRENEUR: C is for CATALYST

C is for CATALYSTWelcome to the A to Z of being a PRIMEPRENEUR – a series of short, one-minute videos illustrating the joys and challenges of starting a later life business!

Not so long ago, ‘midlife’ and ‘crisis’ were  inextricably linked in much the same way as Thelma and Louise!  More recently, the crisis bit has been redefined in more optimistic terms such as ‘crossroads’, ‘challenge’ or ‘choice’. But, when it comes down to it, the one thing that still remains at the heart of all these options is change.

And by the time we hit our 50’s, many of us find ourselves on the cusp of change, knowing that it’s time to move forward and embrace something new for ‘what’s next’.

A catalyst for change

It can still be a challenging and uncomfortable life stage BUT….. the good news is that our discomfort can be a powerful catalyst for change, encouraging us to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and catapulting us into action.

Over to you…

Maybe you have some other ‘C’s’ to add to the A to Z list – there are loads to choose from and as always, I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below to share your views.


A to Z of being a primepreneur: B is for BABY BOOMER

B is for BABY BOOMERWelcome to the A to Z of being a PRIMEPRENEUR – a series of short, one-minute videos illustrating the joys and challenges of starting a later life business!

Baby Boomers: a formidable generation of cultural pioneers and trailblazers, challenging expectations of what it is to be older. We still have ambitions left to fulfill and want to stay involved, connnected and purposeful, doing something we love.

Quite simply, a force to be reckoned with!


Over to you…

Maybe you have some other ‘B’s’ to add to the A to Z list…. as always, I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below to share your views.