Linda’s Business Evolution 4 and a Half Years On

In Conversation with Linda Anderson

None of us know where our business journey will take us when we first set off, but one thing’s pretty certain – the business we start with won’t be the same as the business we end with!

“Part of the joy of the journey is being able to challenge yourself to do something you haven’t done before and see something new be created.”

Linda Anderson

It’s an ongoing evolution

I’m fascinated by this ever-evolving process and I love to watch how businesses develop and unfold over time, which is why I invited Linda Anderson, who first featured in the Prime Time Business Women in Action series over 4 and a half years ago, back for a second interview. (You can watch our first interview right here.)

Linda is an EFT Tapping Coach otherwise known as the Business Mindset Magician. She specialises in working 1-2-1 at a really deep level with coaches, healers and consultants to overcome self-doubt, procrastination and their fears around marketing and sales, so they get their gifts out into the world and build a thriving business doing what they love.

Linda’s business continues to go from strength to strength, so listen in to our conversation as we catch up with how things have evolved in the intervening years. Linda’s reflections and insights are ones we can all learn from.

Share your thoughts…

How has your business evolved over time? Do you have any tips to share about handling change? How have you changed since you became a business owner? What was the key take-away from our interview for you?

Feedback, comments or questions – all are welcome! Please leave them in the box below – I love to hear from you!

Prime Time Business Women in Action is a series of interviews with women sharing their experience of setting up a ‘later life’ business. I believe there is SUCH a lot we can learn from listening to each other stories so please, if you’d like to share your journey and your experience on this blog please get in touch.

An Ounce of Action is Worth More than a Ton of Theory

My name is Karen and I hereby confess to having had an almost compulsive book addiction. I say that in the past tense because no more – I’m going cold turkey! I’m not giving up reading books altogether you understand (never!) just ‘business’ books.

This picture is just a tiny portion of what’s sitting on my bookshelf, not to mention the pile stacked by the side of the bed – where there’s enough unread material to probably see me through to the end of the year!

I used to get very excited when a new business blockbuster hit the shops and I was a sucker for all the hype surrounding the latest ‘bestseller’. (I put that in inverted commas because it seems to me that virtually every book is a bestseller. Which is a bit odd, don’t you think?)

I used to view my book addiction almost like a badge of honour in a ‘look at me, I’m a life-long learner!’ sort of way but now I’ve seen the negative side of this craving.

I realised that much of what I was reading wasn’t new information at all. To be totally blunt, it was often little more than a re-hash of existing information and wisdom…mostly saying the same things but in different ways. (And sometimes even saying the same things in much the SAME ways!)

I really don’t mean to be disparaging to all the authors who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their offering but reading multiple versions of stuff I already know doesn’t strike me as the most productive thing to do!

Enough is enough

I have enough information. In fact, I’m up to my eyes with information! I don’t NEED any more information because – deep breath – I already know enough.

There I said it!

There’s an important point to be made here because there’s another, darker side to being a book junkie and it’s this:

Very often we use learning as an excuse for not doing. And learning without implementing what we’ve learned isn’t really going to get anyone very far is it?

Not me. Not you.

I don’t need any more information because I actually know enough already. (That’s twice I’ve said it now…. and hey, I’m actually starting to believe it! You should try it!)

When learning becomes a form of self-sabotage it’s time to stop.

You don’t need to read any more business books or absorb any more information… or watch any more free webinars… or download any more opt-ins because – now listen very carefully because this is very important you already know enough. And let’s face it, whilst creating a business certainly does have its challenges (procrastination being one very BIG one!), it’s not exactly rocket science either – but you DO have to get started!

An ounce of action…

There is SO much information out there that it’s very tempting to read a bit more, learn a bit more or research, refine and perfect just a little bit more. In fact, you can happily do any or all of these things until the cows come home. And THAT is exactly what a lot of people do, instead of what they really need to be doing which is taking action and implementing what they already know.

An ounce of action

There’s a saying I regularly share with my clients and it’s this: an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Because, with the best will in the world, you can’t create and grow a business simply by reading a darned book.

There IS only one way to do this and that’s by DOING IT!

And another thing – watch out, I’m on a roll now – by far the best and most satisfying way to ‘do it’ is always going to be YOUR way, rather than slavishly trying to do it the way some ‘expert’ tells you you ‘should’ be doing it!

It’s time to stop reading about it and start giving it a go – that’s when the real learning starts!

At some point you have to acknowledge that learning can only take you so far and the rest of the journey has to be experienced.

To make it happen you have to take regular, consistent action

Join the Success Circle

And yes, doing this is a lot more challenging than reading about doing it! But…. doing it with unwavering support and encouragement is completely different than trying to do it all on your own. And yes, this IS a shameless plug, but only because it’s totally appropriate to what I’m saying – the Success Circle could be exactly what you need to help you DO THIS.

Because we both know you’re here to do a heck of a lot more than just reading books.

So here’s my challenge for you…

What ‘ounce of action’ can you take today or this week, to move you and your business aspirations one step further forward?

I look forward to hearing from you – just post in the comments below!

A Conversation Can Change Your Life

There’s nothing I like more than a good conversation, which is probably just as well considering talking and listening are at the heart of just about everything I do in my business!

So tell me, when was the last time you had a really good conversation?

Because even though you no doubt have lots of them during the course of your daily interactions, not ALL conversations are created equal and not all conversations can be classified as ‘good‘ can they?

While there are undoubtedly some conversations that turn out to be literally life-changing (… details of one of mine to follow!) there are others which, for want of a better description I’ll call ‘unsatisfactory’ conversations, usually characterised by a lot of one-sided talking and not much listening!

You know the type of thing… the conversations where you find yourself being spoken to rather than conversed with. The conversations where the other party is just itching to relate everything back to their experience and where what you say will have absolutely no bearing on their response because they already know what they’re going to say anyway! If you’ve experienced this you’ll know what I mean when I say I somehow feel a bit ‘used’ after this type of interaction.

A good conversation however, is something very different.

You know when you’ve been part of a ‘good’ conversation because of how it makes you FEEL. You walk away from it feeling heard, feeling understood, energised or inspired…. or any number of generally positive emotions! And THEN there are those special conversations you have with someone, where the next day…. or even several days later, you’re still thinking about that conversation because something in you changed as a result of having had it.

Conversation as a catalyst

A conversation can be the catalyst that literally changes your life – and when you have one of those you know just how powerful an experience it is!

The coaching conversation is an example of this – it doesn’t necessarily change your life (although it certainly can do) but something changes as a result of it.

I was talking about my business with a woman recently and when I told her that conversation was at the heart of what I do, she responded by saying, ‘Oh so you tell people what to do then, do you?’ Which first off made me smile to think that she immediately linked conversation with ‘telling people what to do’, but secondly, it made me realise that there are others who probably think the same and even if they don’t, they probably have no idea what a coaching conversation IS let alone how powerful it can be!

Conversations with potential

I love the feeling of potential at the start of every coaching conversation with my clients. There’s a certain power within it – a power to clarify, to heal, to transform. A power to connect us to our ‘spark’, our inspiration and our inner wisdom.

And best of all… to motivate us into action.

And yes, all that takes place within a conversation, so let me tell you a little more about how this happens.

A guided exploration

For a start, there is no set agenda other than what you want to achieve and what you bring to the conversation – which, more often than not, will include a head full of ideas, hopes and challenges all competing for attention and clarity. But ‘no agenda’ doesn’t mean there’s no structure to the conversation – there is, and it’s my job as the coach to guide the conversation and help you explore opportunities, obstacles, choices and options and find clarity, direction and commitment to take with you.

A client of mine once described her coaching sessions as being like setting off on a journey of exploration with someone you have absolute confidence in at the helm (me!), with no idea where it’ll take you at the outset but knowing you’ll be in a better place by the end!

The more coaching conversations I have, the more I witness the truth of this.

A thinking space

At its essence, the coaching conversation offers something that’s becoming increasingly difficult to find – a thinking space. A supported space where you can take a step back and see the bigger picture. A space where you can tap into your internal wisdom and listen to yourself. A space where you can clarify your own thinking, find new perspectives and experience moments of sheer inspiration best described as motivational dynamite!

Support, encouragement and challenge

So what’s MY role in this conversation, you may wonder? Well, my job is to support, encourage and yes, sometimes give a gentle kick up the you-know-what!

Questioning and listening are the two main tools of the trade required for the job – both of which I’m quite good at, as it turns out!

Coaching is about asking LOTS of questions – thought-provoking, inspiring, challenging, supportive and powerful questions hopefully, to help you uncover the answers which are right for you.

Contrary to what some may think, it isn’t about me telling you what to do or giving advice (unless you ask) but rather, it’s about helping you take ownership of your situation, come up with your own answers, and importantly, take the right actions for you.

Mindful listening

And as for the listening part – this is definitely the more challenging part of my job and requires far more than me pleasantly nodding along as you talk! It requires active, mindful listening…. noticing a sigh, a sharp intake of breath, an unexpected change of tone or emotion, all of which can provide as much, if not more information than the spoken word.

Listening allows me to notice all the important stuff lurking underneath… the excuses, the procrastination, the overwhelm, the crippling fears and the limiting beliefs which, unless challenged and examined, could so easily undermine your precious dreams and ambitions.

One important thing

So, that’s a very brief overview of the coaching conversation but if there’s ONE thing I’d really like you to take away from this blog, it’s this: the power of a coaching conversation is NOT in the conversation itself – it’s in what you DO as a result of the conversation.

It’s all about the A word

What we’re talking about here are ACTIONS because without them, it will always remain a conversation about ideas. Sometimes those actions will be of the one small step variety…. and other times they may be of the giant leap variety, either way, there will be forward motion taking you ever closer to your dream.

Which brings me nicely to the life-changing conversation I mentioned at the very start! I can still remember the conversation I had more than 12 years ago with one of my very first coaches. It was the conversation that was to become MY catalyst… the conversation that shifted my thinking, feeling and behaviour and ultimately inspired and empowered me to take action and set me on a new journey to becoming a solopreneur.

Without this conversation, I doubt I would ever have made the changes I yearned to make – changes that enabled me step into the work I longed to do, and start a business that brought (and continues to bring) increasing joy, fulfillment.

So when I say a conversation can change your life, I’m not joking…. I’m living proof of it!

Have we had a conversation yet?

Not ALL conversations need to be powerful or life-changing though! For a start, it would be pretty exhausting! I also delight in the more casual interactions I have with women in the prime time ‘tribe’ and yes, social media is one way of doing this, but for me, nothing beats a conversation as a way of making that connection real. So if we haven’t yet had a conversation, book a welcome call right here and let’s rectify that as soon as possible.

Speak soon!