Inspiration Incubator

Inspiration Incubator

The Inspiration Incubator is currently closed…. but fear not, it will re-open in a brand new format in Spring 2018. CLICK HERE to register your interest and find out further details!

Inspiration Incubator

21 day Online Workshop

Tap into your natural brilliance & hatch a plan to turn your ideas into income in 21 days. Perfect for those ready to ‘do something different’ but don’t yet know what that something might be.


Inspiration Incubator Online Workshop

You’re ready to ‘do something different with your skills, talents & experience… a new opportunity, a new challenge and a new way of working and living…

You just know there’s something ‘out there’ with your name on it…. the only snag is, you can’t seem to put your finger on WHAT that something could be! 

It’s annoying, frustrating and disheartening… because, come on, you’re a smart woman, so why can’t you find that ONE elusive idea that makes your heart sing, so you can get on and DO IT?



        • You KNOW you have a wealth of experience, gifts and potential within you sitting there, ready, waiting and just crying out to be USED.
        • You KNOW that what you’re doing now is NOT what you really want to be doing.
        • You KNOW you want to use the next phase of your life to ‘make a difference’ at the same time as making a living.
        • You KNOW (because you keep reading it everywhere!) that there’s never been a better time for you as a mature woman to start your own business or enterprise.

Does any of this resonate with you? 

Inspiration Incubator_seeds of changeYou keep hearing about all the amazing opportunities ‘out there’ right now for older woman to do their own thing and be their own boss and yet here you are, at a time and place in your life when you’re more than ready to plant some seeds of change and you haven’t got a clue what seeds to plant, let alone where to plant them!

You’re champing at the bit to find YOUR particular piece of these new opportunities but you keep going around and around in circles without being able to move things forward.

And it’s driving you up the wall!



My name is Karen Knott and a few years back, I stood in exactly the same place you’re standing now, so I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from.  I too felt that powerful urge many of us experience in midlife to shape our professional and personal future in a way we want… and I remember all too well the sheer frustration at not being able to find the ‘thing’ that would allow me to actually DO it.

Well, much to my delight, it turned out that ‘my thing’ is helping other midlife women find ‘their thing’ and I now use MY skills and experience as a qualified coach to help YOU find the right outlet for YOUR skills and experience – an outlet which makes your heart sing at the same time as making you a solid income!

I’ve been mentoring, coaching, teaching and championing older women entrepreneurs for over 7 years (I’m on a personal mission!) and so I SEE the enormous personal growth and self worth that comes from building your own flourishing business and I SEE the absolute joy that comes from making a living doing what you love and doing what you’re naturally good at.

I also know that the emotional toll of NOT doing ‘your thing’ is HUGE but I want you to know that, whatever position you’re in right now… no matter how overwhelming, daunting and impossible it may sometimes feel, you CAN DO THIS!

It really pains me to see women who have SO much to offer, give up on their dreams for want of a simple, effective process to guide and structure their thoughts and lead them to the outcome they crave.

THAT has been the motivation behind the development of the Inspiration Incubator programme.

Imagine how it would be, if you were able to…

        • break through this sticking point so that you can start getting the answers which will allow you to finally move things forward.
        • free up your thinking to reveal brand new possibilities that you may never have even considered before.
        • take what you’re naturally good at and show you the possibilities for building a thriving business around it
        • draw together all the different elements which already exist within you to create a unique, new opportunity
        • finally find the tangible clarity you’ve been looking for about who you are and what you uniquely have to offer
        • make a living doing something you absolutely LOVE doing

Women on a mission 

Over the years I’ve helped many women who are on a mission to use their skills and talents to make a difference AND make a living doing it and I know that ‘a sense of purpose’ is always right up there at the top of their agenda alongside ‘passion’. 

They’re looking for ways to harness their passion and purpose, to do meaningful, creative, fulfilling work, earning an income doing what they love and what they’re naturally good at and it’s why so many of them decide to work for themselves.

I’m guessing ‘passion and purpose’ are pretty much at the top of your agenda too. But of course, before you can harness it, you have to KNOW WHAT IT IS! Which brings you right back to the very same frustration that brought you to this page in the first place! 

You know that the ‘inspiration’ you’re looking for can’t be bought off the shelf in a ready wrapped ‘eureka’ parcel’ but what you DON’T know is where on earth you CAN find it!

Well, here’s the good news…

Inspiration Incubator_hatching your ideasThe inspiration and solution you’re searching for isn’t ‘out there’ somewhere – it’s actually MUCH closer to home than that.  It’s a deeply personal thing and BECAUSE it’s a deeply personal thing, it comes from within.

And that’s really good news because YOUR inspiration is already there, within you – all you need do is dig deep and dig in the right place to find it. That’s all. 

You don’t need to be any more than you ARE. You HAVE all the resources, power & potential within you right NOW, within your particular mix of talents, passion and experience.

Sound too good to be true?

The truth is, it isn’t too good to be true IF you’re prepared to ACTIVELY look within for inspiration rather than waiting for ‘it’ to find you! 

Introducing the Inspiration Incubator ….

Inspiration Incubator_developing your ideasIf you’re grappling to find a sense of direction and you’re serious about creating something compelling for your personal and professional future, you simply need to place yourself in a situation in which the flashes of insight are more likely to occur.

The Inspiration Incubator is designed to do just that by providing a unique, creative environment for your embryonic ideas (no matter how small or non-existent they may feel right now) to develop and grow over the course of 21 days until they’re sufficiently formed and ready to hatch.

And AFTER they’re hatched you’ll be ready to move out of the incubator and take your ideas on their very first ‘Fledgling Flight’ – where you can have some FUN trying them out in the real world and seeing if your idea has wings.

Caro_Brandauer“I took Early Retirement from my job of 31 years last year and was certain that I didn’t want to go back into the corporate world. I felt that there must be something I could do which would utilise my strengths and talents….but what?

I hoped that by joining the programme I would come to a much clearer idea of the possibilities for starting my own business doing something that I enjoy, I’m good at and which gives me a sense of satisfaction.

There are lots of exercises incorporated into the programme which are really fun to do. I particularly enjoyed the exercise to help pinpoint my values. The Inspiration Incubator has really helped me to get clear and focus in on what I’m good at, what I enjoy and the ways in which I could use this insight and information going forwards.”

Caro Brandauer

Here’s how it works:

It’s a 2-part process:


Inspiration Incubator symbols

Inspiration Incubator_Assignment_Examples





The first part of the programme is made up of bite-sized material, ready and waiting for you inside your online workshop, gently and deliberately moving you forward step by step over 21 days. (But of course, if you want to go slower – or faster- you can. You can take it at your own pace.)

Each of the 21 modules contains:

        • a short, stimulating, informative audio
        • a transcription for those who prefer reading to listening
        • a daily ‘assignment’ – a variety of short exercises you’ll enjoy, designed to help you get clear, focused and energised
        • a dose of inspiration to keep your motivation levels high
        • ….together with additional optional extras you can choose to dip into


This will enable you to:

        • Cut through the noise and come away with clarity
          You’ll clarify who you are now (chances are it’s not who you used to be!) what you want in terms of the lifestyle you’re looking to create, what you have to offer and what really brings you alive – most of which you might not even be aware of right now!
        • Discover YOUR Inspired Idea
          The process is designed to gently but consistently keep moving you ever forward and help you evolve an idea that is UNIQUE to you, that comes from your core and feeds your soul.
        • Know what makes your idea a ‘good idea’
          You’ll understand how to evaluate your ideas so that you know which one is the ‘right’ one for YOU. You’ll understand how you can get paid for your inspirational ideas and explore different ways to make it work for real.
        • Come away invigorated, with new ideas & a plan you’re really excited about
          By the end of the 21 days you’ll be ready to FINALLY hatch an idea that feels right for you and what’s more, you’ll have a plan in your hands for what you’re going to do next. You will be ready to use your inspiration and take it out into the world for a test run.

But wait…. there’s more!


The end of your 21 days in the Inspiration Incubator doesn’t mean you’re done… because quite honestly, a plan IS just a plan until you get the results that you want!

So, the next step is to take your idea on a Fledgling Flight – to find out if the idea ‘has wings’ and if you would actually enjoy doing it! 

Inspiration Incubator_fledgling flightA Fledgling Flight is a 30 day mini project in which to play, experiment and generally have some fun with your ideas.

The purpose of the Fledgling Flight is to help evolve, develop and crystalise your ideas AND at the same time, start building faith and confidence in your ability to make things happen in the real world.

By the end of your Fledgling Fight you will be in a very, very different place – you’ll know what your ‘thing’ is, if it’ll actually work and if people will pay you for it!

It’s a dynamic antidote to ‘waiting a bit longer’ or doing a bit more research!

And you won’t be alone

You’ll be part of a private Facebook group to support you on your Inspiration Incubator journey and on your Fledgling Flight. This is an invaluable resource and support you can check in and out of whenever you like, where you can share your successes and challenges with other like minded women who are on the same path and this alone can have enormous benefits for you. And of course, I’ll be popping in regularly to see how you are getting on and to give on the spot advice where I can.

I’m sure you’re wondering if this right for you…

Yes, it IS right for you if….

          • you’re ready to think differently about the gifts you have to offer
          • you want to be sure you make the right choice in choosing your new venture
          • you’d like to be guided through a process which will develop an idea that’s great for YOU
          • you’re up for a new challenge and ready to s-t-r-e-t-c-h the edges of your comfort zone
          • you want to understand and see how you can make an income from your idea
          • you want to DO something instead of passively waiting


But it’s NOT right for you if:

          • you’re waiting for someone to hand you your ‘inspirational idea’ on a plate. It’s just not possible – ideas come from within!
          • you’re looking for an out of the box solution. This is about creating something uniquely your own, not running someone else’s business for them.
          • you prefer the passive ‘I’ll wait and see… something’s bound to turn up’ approach. (You might like to check how effective that approach has been to date!)
          • you don’t believe you have something special inside of you. (Just for the record, you do!)
          •  you’ve recognised that you can’t do it alone… but you still keep doing it alone.
          • you’re willing to watch yet another year pass by whilst you stay stuck and disillusioned.



Okay, so you might now be thinking, ‘this sounds EXACTLY what I need’ …. but one thing I’ve learned many times over in working with my coaching clients is that we are all very good at putting barriers in our own way  – barriers such as  ‘waiting until I have more time’… or doing ‘a bit more research’ first… or using money as the excuse… ‘what if it doesn’t work and I’ll have wasted my money?’

Well, I have all of these covered!

Let’s start with the ‘more time’ barrier – I’ve deliberately kept it short and simple. Your time commitment for each of the 21 days in the Inspiration Incubator is approximately 30 minutes (and I’ve even included ‘catch up’ time!) And you get to choose the time commitment for each of the 30 days on your Fledgling Flight – it’ll will vary from project to project – you choose what is doable for you.

And as for the ‘more research’ barrier, just ask yourself how far your research has got you to date. I promise you that this programme will take you much, much further in a matter of DAYS than many MONTHS of ‘research’!

My Personal Guarantee Your guarantee

And let’s address the ‘will it work/money’ barrier. I’ve got that covered too with a personal guarantee to put your mind at rest. If after you complete the Inspiration Incubator programme and have taken actions during your 30 day ‘Fledgling Flight’ you still feel you are no further forward with your idea, then I will happily refund your investment.  

My guarantee reflects the fact that this is not a ‘done for you’ programme! You will have to put in the effort but I’m pretty sure you already knew that anyway!

Tempted but not yet decided?

Well, let me just share two things that I’ve discovered.

Firstly, the BIGGEST obstacles for us as older women are, in fact, none of the above – the biggest obstacles are the ones inside our head. If you are coming from a place of fear, procrastination, inaction and a belief that you don’t really have what it takes, then what you GET as a consequence is not likely to be what you’re looking for.

And the second thing is simply this – change can and does happen very quickly when you commit.

So I guess the question is NOT “Do you want to sign up to the Inspiration Incubator” it’s…. “Do you want to find the inspiration within you and hatch a ‘totally you’ income generating idea doing what you love, that taps into your purpose and passion in 21 days? And then do you want to REALLY see how it fits over the course of a further 30 days?

So if the answer to both questions is “YES” sign up below!

Now, of course, you could decide to continue going it alone and end up ‘spending’ far more than the investment you’ll make today because there is always a cost to NOT doing. The cost here being the corrosive frustration of unfulfilled dreams and potential. 

This whole ‘doing your own thing’ won’t just go away, will it…. but if you hang around waiting for the clouds to part and a bolt of inspiration to strike, you’re likely to wait a LONG time!

But if you want to DO something different to move forward I invite you to join me in the Inspiration Incubator. *

I’d love to help you get to where you deserve to be.

*The Inspiration Incubator is currently closed…. but fear not, it will re-open in a brand new format in Spring 2018. CLICK HERE to register your interest and find out further details!