Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Pesky little devils aren’t they, decisions? Persistent too! There we are, happily working away in our business when sooner or later, (usually sooner) one sneaks up on us and stands resolutely in our way demanding attention. And, as soon as we manage to deal with it and start merrily on our way again, what happens…. another one of the little blighters pops up, begging for our consideration!

Let’s face it, making decisions is part and parcel of every day life but for those of us in business, learning HOW to become a decision maker is a skill we need to master pretty fast!  And yet, this is something which many of us struggle with, especially when we first start out – finding all sorts of convincing ‘reasons’ why we should put off making those all important decisions…

‘I’m not quite ready…’

‘I need to be certain…’

‘I want to keep my options open for a bit longer…’

‘I’ll be better placed when I get more information…’

‘I need a bit more time to think about it…’

Try as we may to justify our indecision, it all boils down to the same thing – procrastination! And procrastination and indecision can have HUGE implications for your business.

  •  Nothing gets done

  • We beome stuck in inertia

  • It slows the growth of our business

  • It makes us question our own abilities

  • We miss out on opportunities

Many of us, especially when we’re easing ourselves into a new business, put off making decisions because we’re scared of making the wrong ones but the truth is, it is far more important that we actually make a decision than none at all.

  • Decisions allow us to take action.

  • Decisions allow us to move forward and build momentum

  • Making a decision means making a commitment

  • Making decisions helps us build confidence

There is something very liberating about making a decision – with every decision we make and every action we take, our confidence grows, we feel a sense of achievement and we gradually become more comfortable with the whole ‘making decisions’ process.

We don’t have to get it ‘right’ – there are always going to be risks involved in every decision we make – that’s part of business and life. Yes, it’s very likely that we will make mistakes along the way but those mistakes will also allow us to learn, modify and fine-tune our ever-evolving businesses.


Decisions, decisions, decisions. — 2 Comments

  1. Great article, Karen.

    Decisions – or rather failure to face up to them and make them – is often the biggest barrier for career changers too.

    What matters most is to follow your advice of not worrying too much about trying to ensure it is the right decision before taking it. Just decide, move forwards and immediately more possibilities will come into view.

    Cherry Douglas
    Your Career Change Guide

    Career Plan Coaching
    How To Change Careers

    • Hi Cherry – thanks for your comments. As hard as it may be, nothing really happens WITHOUT making a decision (…or you find yourself at the mercy of other people’s decisions).
      Taking a decision is literally liberating – it really does free you up and allows you to move forward rather than hanging around in limbo. My new mantra, ‘imperfect action not perfect inaction’ echoes the same sentiment!

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