[Audio] Four simple, powerful words

Four simple words...Words. Whether we realize it or not, they have the power to do some pretty incredible  things  – like transform our thoughts and emotions and radically change our behavior, to name just two!

Let’s just think about that for a moment – our words can have a biochemical effect on our bodies which can change (sometimes in an instant!) how we think, how we feel, and the actions we decide to take.

How amazing is that!

It’s ‘only’ words!

It’s not something we tend to give much thought to but it IS something most of us will have experienced at some time. I can remember vividly the words that catapulted me into action in a big way, leading me to train as a coach and subsequently set up in business for myself.  Four words, in the form of a question that became an incredibly powerful force for change: If not now, when?

I was reminded of this again when I came across a short audio I recorded about 5 years ago, whilst in the throes of de-cluttering my laptop this week, which I wanted to share with you before it was consigned to that great recycle bin in the sky!

It’s all about using the power of words to help us bring about change – a different set of 4 words to mine but which have had a similar galvanising effect on women who uttered them. Simple words, spoken with intent, can indeed make a powerful impact on your business and your life – take a listen here and tell me what you think.

Our words carry more weight than most of us can imagine and more often than not we forget that we even HAVE this amazing creative force at our disposal to stir our emotions, influence our thoughts and actions, trigger our motivation, boost our confidence AND even become a self-fulfilling prophecy – pretty incredible, eh?

Finding this audio has been a timely reminder that the right words, spoken at the right time can have an enormous impact. Words do indeed matter. Choose them wisely.

Have your say about what you just read…

Have specific words motivated you into action or helped you transform your circumstances? If you have any insights to share, please leave them in the comments below –  I’d really love to hear from you.


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    • I agree Heather, it FEELS so good when we say these things which in my book is a sign that our endorphins are flowing! What a great tool to have on the tip of our tongues!

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