How to Clear the Obstacles Blocking Your Path

Challenges and obstacles are part and parcel of running a business, just as they are part and parcel of anything worth doing! To quote a man called Frank Clark, “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”

The journey is never going to be totally without blocks and bumps in the road and you’re bound to come up against obstacles along the way. Some will be minor potholes that you can step over with a bit of a stretch…. and some will be large enough to temporarily block your path completely.

Obstacles of the larger variety are often the focus of the Clarity Calls I have with clients. These obstacles can be anything – money, knowledge, experience, confidence, strategies, tools and websites – each one causing someone’s dream to come to a sudden halt.

STOP: Obstacles Ahead!

Perhaps you can identify with some of the recent ones:

Obstacle Ahead• Turning a passion into a business without lots of money to invest.

• Trying to work on a new business when your job takes up most of your time and energy.

• Creating a new website but at a complete loss as to what to actually say on it.

• Having multiple ideas and not knowing which one to progress.

At the time, each of these things represented a barrier blocking the way forward and impeding all progress. And of course, what happens when we find ourselves stuck in this type of situation? Our pesky ‘friends’ Doubt and Fear arrive on the scene making the obstacle appear even bigger and further undermining our confidence in our ability to get over it!

But obstacles such as these need not halt your progress for long when you know a way to get around them. So I wanted to share a technique I learned from Barbara Sher that gives you a very simple way of re-framing your challenge to help you get around it.

State your challenge in a wish/obstacle format:

Overcoming obstaclesMy wish is: [name your idea, dream, project or goal in one or two sentences] and my obstacle is: [state as specifically as possible what’s getting in the way for you]”

For example:

My wish is to write for Psychologies magazine and my obstacle is that I don’t have any contacts to help me get in there.”

My wish is to sell products from my website and my obstacle is that I only get 10 visitors a day”

The human brain is a problem solving machine when we allow it to be and this particular way of framing a problem seems to unlock our problem solving creativity in a way that the more usual kind of “How can I do X or Y?” question doesn’t.

I’ve seen it work best as a brainstorming technique where you present your wish and obstacle to a group and ask for their solutions but sometimes, just phrasing your challenge in this form results in your own answer dropping out of nowhere, clearing the way ahead along with a boost of energy and creativity you need to move forward and bring your idea life.

So now, over to you…

What do you do when faced with a challenging obstacle? The Wish-Obstacle technique is just one of many – it’s all about finding something that works for you, so please feel free to share in the comments below.


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How to Clear the Obstacles Blocking Your Path — 2 Comments

  1. Oh yes, Karen, I do recognise this one!

    Obstacles come up all the time on our journey to successful self-employment and on the whole I take their appearance as a sign I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before, and therefore am on a path to growth.

    I love the wish/obstacle process you share above – that’s one I’ll definitely be giving a try for the ‘outer’ logistical obstacles.

    I do believe though that mindset is at least 90% of success and if we have a stubborn block that refuses to shift, it’s generally because we’re trying to eradicate it with the conscious mind (Inner Critic hello!), when the block is actually in our subconscious emotional mind and no amount of reasoning, blaming or shaming will cause it to disappear.

    For these internal obstacles (self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs that lead to procrastination and inertia) I like to use energy clearing tools such as Tapping in all its various forms.

    Brilliant quote from Frank Clark too – thanks for sharing!

    • I absolutely LOVE your take on obstacles being a sign that you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before & therefore on a path to growth. Must remember this next time I get a case of the obstacle-wobbles! I think that it’s easier to see obstacles in a more positive light when you’ve been in business for a while, but when first starting out they can so easily be misinterpreted as a sign of being perhaps on the ‘wrong’ path instead of just intermittent bumps in the road. And yes, you’re absolutely spot on to differentiate between logistical obstacles and internal obstacles but I hope that between us we’ve got them both covered! Thanks for your insight and wisdom.

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