How to overcome the ‘time for money’ limitations of a service-based business

Ask AwayOne thing’s certain when you start a business, there are LOTS of questions to be answered! And if YOU have a challenge or question, chances are there’ll be plenty of others out there asking the very same question or facing the very same challenge.

And perhaps you’re currently grappling with the same challenge that prompted Moira to ask for some advice?

You see, like many others starting a new service-based business, Moira had done some quick mental maths and multiplied her potential hourly rate by the number of hours she wanted to work each month, only to discover this WASN’T going to give her the income she wanted!

The problem with having a business built around providing a 1:1 service is that your income is always going to be restricted by the number of hours you can work.

The solution?

… a business model that allows you to overcome the time for money restriction, increase your income and put your business on a much more sustainable footing. In the video below I share some creative possibilities for how a one-woman, service-based business can generate multiple streams of income, together with a simple ‘calculator’ to demonstrate the impact that different options can have on your revenue.

Play the video below…

Over to you…

Have you found yourself in this all-too-familiar trap? Have you had success with any of the strategies discussed in the video?

As ever, I love to hear YOUR thoughts – so join the conversation by adding your comments below.

P.S. If YOU have a question, chances are, there are others out there asking the very same one – it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, if you have a burning question, just ask away!

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