Is This You?

You’re here for a reason

Maybe it’s because….

  • it feels like your next evolution is calling…. and your intuition’s encouraging you to explore the possibilities
  • it feels like NOW is the time to shake things up a bit and ‘do something different’
  • you have a deep hunger to use your experience and skills in ways that will be of service in the world
  • you feel an ever increasing pull to realign who you ARE with what you DO
  • you’re exploring how you might create a more authentic way of living and working and you’re ready to start redefining what ‘work’ looks like for you now 
  • a catalyst of some sort – a redundancy, empty nest, ‘big’ birthday or the Coronavirus pandemic – has made you think, “Right, that’s it, I need to do this now. Not in 5 years – NOW!”

Whatever ‘it’ was, the result is the same – an acknowledgement that it’s time for things to change and time for you to step into your power.

And that means embracing your entrepreneurial spirit and starting something new for the next chapter

You’re rightfully proud of the skills, expertise and experience that you’ve gained over your lifetime and you know you have SO much still to offer, SO much untapped potential, energy and enthusiasm. And creating a business of your own feels like a real opportunity to transform this experience into something valuable, purposeful and new. 

In fact, you feel totally energised by the possibilities it presents.

It’s a time of expansion, development and evolution

You KNOW you have a light to shine, a contribution to make and a purpose to share with the world and you’re ready to expand beyond your current comfort zone and put ALL this at the heart of the next phase of your life, by doing work you’re passionate about.

Meaningful work. Important work. Purposeful work

And THAT is exactly what a ‘prime time’ business is all about

If this is you, I’m excited to welcome you to our fast-growing community of ‘prime time’ women. Take a look around and you’ll see wonderfully diverse and dynamic examples of these women on this page….

These are real women…. talented, capable women who were once like you, both scared AND exhilarated by the prospect of negotiating the challenging opportunity ahead of them but who found the idea and consequences of NOT doing it even more terrifying.

Once those inner seeds of change started pushing through the soil they responded by creating lives and businesses in alignment with those changes… businesses that represented their passion and purpose, enabling them to fulfill their potential and create the prosperity they desired. You can find out more about the businesses they went on to build by clicking on their images which will take you to their websites or by listening to my video interviews with them.

So you’re certainly NOT alone

There’s something of a quiet revolution going on right now with women, very much like you, hitting their middle years and deciding that the personal growth, satisfaction and fulfillment they crave dovetails perfectly with self-employment.

But if you were to ask those women who are already ‘out there doing it’ they’ll tell you that it was nothing to do with revolution but everything to do with personal evolution – it was their desire for change, growth and development which catapulted them into action. And the rewards they all experience goes far beyond money – the real payoff is the women they became as a result.

It’s a precious opportunity

That’s exactly what it feels like and exactly what it IS – a precious opportunity. It’s time to think about what you want to DO with it.

  • you love the idea of using your unique collection of skills, experience and talents to make a real difference, to make an impact AND make a solid income.
  • you relish the promise of freedom, flexibility and choice a business of your own offers but most of all you value the chance to create an environment where your gifts, talents and passions can be fully utilised.
  • you are in this for more than the money – you want to feel fulfilled by the work you do and build something that matters.

Of course you have fears and doubts

I probably have more belief in what you’re capable of than you do, right now. It’s TOTALLY natural when you are on the cusp of change to feel like you’re caught in an internal tug of war, being pulled between excitement and fear. One minute you feel totally energised by the possibilities a business of your own presents only to feel daunted, overwhelmed and frustrated the next!

‘It’s too late. It’s too difficult. It’s too overwhelming. It’s too risky. It’ll take too long. It’s just a dream. It won’t work.  It’s too scary – maybe I should just stick to what I know!’

I understand, I really do (…been there, done it, got the T-shirt!) – indeed, it’s the point where many throw in the towel without even giving things a fighting chance to get going properly.

It’s called resistance and no, it’s NOT comfortable because we’re talking about ‘change’ here, remember! BUT you know that if you want this great life, if you want to grasp this precious opportunity, you’re going to have to give yourself the tools to create it and no amount of wishful thinking can replace information, support, encouragement and accountability.

So, is this you?

If you’ve found yourself thinking, ‘That’s just like ME!” as you were reading, I’m so very glad you’ve found your way here to my little corner of the web.

In case we’ve not met before, I’m Karen Knott, and it’s my privilege to be here, doing what I love most, guiding midlife women embarking on new journeys in business and life who feel drawn to make their difference through a business venture.

I am delighted that you ARE here and what I really want to do at this point is to encourage you to take the next step and follow the momentum and inspiration that brought you here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the very start of your business journey and still sifting through your ideas and exploring how they can be brought to life, or whether you are further along and looking to create greater impact, you are so welcome here.

How about we start the ball rolling by having a conversation and getting to know each other a bit better? Join me for a Virtual Coffee – it’s completely free and without obligation. I promise you’ll take away two very precious things from our 30 minute conversation – clarity and inspiration! And that’s a great way to start ANY new journey.

It’s time to explore what you increasingly yearn for and discover what’s possible. It’s time to start.

Speak soon.