Join the Success Circle

Personal support, inspiration, accountability and community all in one place – in fact everything you need to grow your business and make the impact you’re called to make over the next 12 months.

It been my absolute privilege to work with women in their 50’s and 60’s for more than 12 years now and there’s one thing I now know for sure: when you start a business, you get to a certain point where you realise you need help.

This tends to come after you’ve tried going it alone in true ‘Lone Ranger’ style, doing everything by yourself and for yourself…. steadily soaking up more and more information that’s out there. And boy, there’s a LOT of it out there!

Maybe you’ve already tried an online course or two – or more! And if you’re anything like me, you started off with the very best intentions, download a ton of ‘stuff’ and then…. THEN you met a challenge along the path, and well, I’m sure you know the rest!

It’s very tempting to be seduced by programmes offering a quick fix (“6 weeks to 6 figures!”) – heaven knows, I’ve tried a few in my time – but I’ve been doing this long enough to know that with the best will in the world, businesses don’t just magically ‘happen’ in a few short weeks – they ‘evolve’ over time.

And I know for sure that the best way to do this is within a structure that consistently supports this evolution – keeping you focused, inspired, committed and anchored to your vision.

I know too that it’s NOT more information you need – what this exciting and challenging adventure DOES need is personalised support (from a real person!) and accountability to make it happen.

I also know that when you do this with a group of women beside you, women just like you who are facing very similar challenges, you accomplish so much more than you ever would on your own! Not to mention the fact that’s it’s also a lot more fun!

Our Success Circle is made up of ALL these elements

So, knowing ALL this, I’ve been mulling over how best to combine all these key things in a way that’s flexible and affordable – and the Success Circle is the result!

And I’m delighted to say that I’m now ready to open the doors and welcome you in!

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There’s a whole new world of opportunities out there for you

There are unlimited possibilities for you as a 50+ woman to turn your knowledge and experience into a fulfilling and profitable enterprise. For many of you, a laptop and an internet connection are just about all you need to get going. In fact, that’s exactly how I started way back in 2006.

But there’s a flipside to this opportunity, isn’t there?

Because sometimes, even though you KNOW you’re good enough to do this…

  • you still fall prey to those internal voices of self-doubt questioning if you’re really cut out for this entrepreneurial malarkey
  • it seems to be taking forever to actually get some momentum going
  • there are days when your confidence, courage and conviction are in short supply
  • trying to do this all on your own isn’t exactly fun

Perhaps you feel the same?

In which case, the Success Circle could be exactly what you need if…

  • You’re a one-woman band, probably working from home in a service-based business – holistic practitioners, consultants, coaches, designers, stylists, copywriters or other professional service providers are a perfect match
  • World domination is probably not on your agenda but creating something personally meaningful and profitable on your own terms, most certainly is
  • You’d love to co-create a powerful, personal relationship with a mentor who has a head and heart approach, who will support and stretch and you in equal measure. Someone who’ll help you navigate the internal blocks as well as the practical ‘how-to’ elements necessary for your business success
  • You’re keen to take action but you’re not clear where to focus your time and energy, particularly when it comes to marketing and sales
  • You sense that being part of a small, supportive community of like-minded women would not only help you play bigger, it’d also be a heck of a lot more fun.

“Karen is a business coach of the kind that I like. Her approach is knowledgeable, warm and very understanding of my own personal circumstances. I always feel heard and understood by Karen; head and heart working together.

I have learned with Karen, and my supportive group of peers alongside, to truly believe in the contribution my work brings to others and to focus clearly on creative ways to grow my business. It’s so helpful to discuss and try out ideas together and to be accountable when needed.

For me, the combination of 1-1 coaching and being part of an ongoing group has given me so much encouragement and a wide perspective of possibilities. I can’t imagine working on my own anymore.”  

Priya Tourkow

What I bring to the Success Circle

  • I bring over 12 years’ experience of working with and championing ‘primepreneurs’. Helping women in their 50’s and 60’s use their unique skills, talents and experience to make a difference, make an impact and make a solid income is what really floats my boat.
  • I’m a unique blend of coach, mentor and teacher – a ‘comenter’ – with real world business experience.
  • I know how to help people achieve their goals and dreams and – most importantly – support their underlying emotions while they do it.
  • I bring my passion and enthusiasm for business and what it gives women on both a personal and professional level.
  • Plus – and maybe most importantly – an understanding that creating a business is very much a holistic endeavor. Because it’s never ‘just’ about the business you’re creating…. you’re also embarking on a personal journey of inner transformation, where who you become is as important as the business you create. We’ll do the inner work, which will impact everything in your outer world.
  • I believe in creating strong partnerships with my clients, showing up as our best selves for each other and sharing the journey we’re all on.
  • And then there’s my journey. My journey to find work that both satisfies and sustains, like yours, has been totally absorbing – full of adventure and, at times, strengthened by necessary challenges too. I set up my first business from home in 2006 which gave me a precious opportunity to turn my experience, talents and knowledge into an enterprise that continues to bring me both joy and fulfilment. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving opportunity to create a life that feels totally aligned with who I am and what I have to offer others.

In addition to my personal business mentoring and coaching, I’ve been facilitating a monthly business club for several years now and during this time my wonderful clients have:

  • launched websites
  • created successful collaborations
  • overcome fear, doubt and overwhelm
  • made friends with the technology that used to scare them
  • written and published books
  • been interviewed on national radio and featured in magazines
  • increased their visibility, authority and audience through speaking and video
  • stepped fully into the work they love to do by saying no to the work that no longer lit them up

“Karen has brought together an inspiring group of women as part of the business club and helped us to develop and grow both personally and professionally over the years that we’ve worked together. She has created a safe space where we can talk through issues or challenges in our businesses and provides guidance and support to help us find solutions.

The private facebook group has been great for accountability between meetings and knowing that you have somewhere to go for when things crop up and you need some help or cheerleading to get you through.

I’ve met some amazing woman and made great friendships through working with Karen and being a part of the business club. If you are looking for support with your business and likeminded people to help and encourage on the way I would definitely recommend working with Karen and the coaching programmes that she offers. “

Stacey Chapman

A word about ‘success’…

It goes without saying that we ALL want our business to be ‘successful’…. but one woman’s definition of success can be entirely different to the next woman’s. The only definition that matters here is yours because the Success Circle is all about helping you achieve success – on your own terms.

And, if you don’t yet KNOW what success means to you, well, that’s a great place for us to start!

So if you’d like to be part of the Success Circle, read on for details…

The Success Circle asks for a minimum membership of 12 months to give your businesses what every business needs – time, consistency and commitment.

What do I get when I join the Success Circle?

Private mentoring calls

10 private 1:1 Spotlight Sessions offering a blend of strategic business and personal development support, guidance and focus. These are yours to take as and when required over the course of 12 month. (Maximum of 2 sessions in any one month.) These calls usually take place on Zoom which is almost as good as being in a room together – but other options are available, including the telephone!

Think of these as regular, concentrated boosts of clarity, strategy, inspiration and accountability, otherwise known as motivational dynamite! A safe, supporting place of encouragement challenge and the occasional prodding! I’ll help you figure out what’s important to you so you are able to focus on what matters and how you want to go about doing it. No more overwhelm!

Group Circle Calls

Once a month we’ll come together as a group via Zoom. It’s a regular meeting place for our Success Circle ‘family’ – an intimate support community and a safe place to be open and share successes and struggles. It’s about connection, camaraderie and feeling part of an energetic, dynamic collaboration. It’s where you can bring your current challenge or area of focus, to access insights, feedback, encouragement, and wisdom from your fellow members and myself.

Relationships and connections formed here can be pivotal to your success. There is nothing quite like being part of a small, engaged group of like-minded women all sharing the same dream and supporting each other along the journey and making it fun.

Access to our small, private facebook group

An invaluable resource and support that you can check in and out of whenever you like, so you need never feel isolated or stuck! This is the place to ask questions as they arise, share your intentions, successes and challenges with others in the Success Circle. And of course, I’ll be popping in regularly to see how you are getting on and to give on the spot advice where I can.

Affordable fees

Providing a fantastic level of support at a very affordable price was always my aim.
When you decide to join you’ll be asked for a deposit of just £300  (non-refundable) to secure your place in the Success Circle, followed by 12 monthly payments of £100 via online bank transfer or PayPal

That means your Success Circle Membership costs £1500 for the whole year making it THE best value programme I offer. (That’s the equivalent of only £125 a month and an absolute bargain!)

I ask each member to make a minimum 12 month commitment to the group to allow the process to work, and I’m guessing you’ll be getting so much out of it that you’ll want to keep going! If you do choose to renew at the end of the year, your renewal price will always remain the same as your joining price, even as newer members are subject to price increases. So it pays to get into the Success Circle at the start!

Group size

My aim is to keep the Success Circle small and intimate because that’s how I see it working best. I want everyone who joins to be well cared-for, not lost in the crowd, so this first intake will be limited to no more than 6 members.

If there are spaces available new members may join, but only by commitment to 12 months, to maintain a feeling of stability and continuity and connection.

“I know I wouldn’t be who and where I am without Karen and the Business Club. Of course, business is not just about business and under Karen’s guidance we’ve created an amazingly safe and supportive community where we can be absolutely open and honest about both our business and personal challenges and celebrate our successes.

Karen keeps us accountable, challenging us to push our comfort zones and sharing her knowledge.

I’ve worked with Karen since I started my business 6 years ago. She’s been the one supportive presence and her faith in me has never wavered, even when mine has. This is incredibly valuable and I also wouldn’t like to imagine being without her and the Business Club.” 

Lesley Pyne

So, are YOU in?

So this is the part where I ask you to make your decision but before I do, I have one last question for you.

Why would you WANT to go on this exhilarating, roller-coaster of a journey on your own?

Or to put it another way…. how much better, easier and more enjoyable would that journey be with guidance, encouragement and support every step of the way?

Which option increases your chances of success?

Because the truth is, growing a business that is both purposeful and prosperous is not without its challenges and finding your own way through this unfamiliar terrain can be a bit scary. But committing to something that scares you a little bit, and then doing it with unwavering support and encouragement is completely different than trying to do it all on your own.

There’s a saying that underpins the ethos of the Success Circle and it’s this:  ‘An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory’. Because you can only learn how to do this by doing it….. and when you take consistent, aligned action and surround yourself with people who encourage, inspire and believe in you, you can’t help but create ripples of positive change, far quicker than you ever would trying to work it all out alone.

Imagine it’s a year from now…. and how different your business looks as a result of consistently taking those regular ‘ounces of action’! You know who you’re reaching, you’re confident in what you have to offer and you’re making money. You’re building your authority and visibility, creating the growth you deserve, the impact you’re here to make and the fulfilment you seek. How does that feel?

Next step?

I passionately believe the world NEEDS your experience and a thriving business is a brilliant way to bring your gifts to the world, make a difference and make a good income. It’s important for you, for your clients-to-be and for your communities.

And so, I invite you into our Success Circle – a community that will stand with you and accompany you from where you are now, all the way to having a sustainable, heart-centred business that you love.

Everything changes once you make the commitment. If you know you’re ready to co-create an incredible year together in the Success Circle simply contact me to JOIN NOW and I’ll send you full details by return.

Still wondering if this is a good fit for you and your business and need to talk to me? I invite you to book a free 30 minute chat here to help you find out.

Let’s do this together!