One Quality Decision

One 'quality' decisionHow much time and energy do you spend thinking about your business ideas and dreams? How much time do you spend wishing? ‘I wish I could get these ideas out of my head and start DOING something with them!’ ‘I wish I could stop going around in circles and just DECIDE!’ And how many times have you then just shrugged and sighed, ‘One day…’?

It’s not exactly a whole heap of fun being undecided is it? It’s frustrating at best and totally incapacitating at worst – it’s always ‘there’ in the back of your mind and yet you’re impotent to do anything about it. It keeps you paralysed and of course, it also makes success impossible.

But here’s something to think about

We are in effect only ever one quality decision away from anything we want. One quality decision. A quality decision means we’ve made up our mind, know what we want and we’re going for it. A quality decision is a clear state of mind – we’re no longer thinking, wondering, wishing, trying or weighing things up. We have firmly set our course.

How good does that sound?

And all that stands between you and your particular business dream is in effect, one decision – one quality decision.

Everyone who starts a new business venture needs faith and courage to take the bold leap into the unknown but wonderful things happen once you make that quality decision.

  • Being released from indecision allows things to happen
  • You can finally focus your attention
  • You can start to define your options
  • You can start to shape the outcomes you want
  • You open yourself up to and attract opportunities
  • You turn your ideas into a commitment
  • You shift from ‘castles in the air’ to laying firm foundations
  • It closes the door marked “What?” and opens a new door marked “How?”
  • You can begin

…and ALL this is just one quality decision away.

And now, over to you…

I’d really love to hear from you – share your experience of taking an all-important ‘quality decision’ in the comments below.

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