Prime Time Business Women in Action: Interview with hypnotherapist Pat Duckworth

Pat Duckworth‘Why am I spending 12 hours a day doing something that’s making me miserable – what is the point?’

Walking through the park one morning on the way to her office in central London where she worked as a senior civil servant, Pat Duckworth suddenly found herself asking this very question with tears streaming down her face.

As Pat describes it, ‘I asked myself, ‘What do I want to be doing when I grow up?’ and came up with the answer, ‘It isn’t THIS!’

With some timely intervention from the Universe, Pat was able to find the answer to her question which started her off on an entrepreneurial journey to ‘live my passion’ and create a viable business.

Four years on and Pat is now a cognitive hypnotherapist and an award winning author and coach, so if you’ve ever found yourself thinking about writing a book, you’ll want to hear what Pat has to say about how becoming a published author can really help to move your business to another level.

As you might expect from a woman with plans for world domination, age is more of a motivator than anything else – or as Pat succinctly puts it, ‘I haven’t got time to hang about – I’m getting on with it!’

Enjoy the video and if you have any comments, feedback or questions for Pat or myself, please feel free to add them below.

…. and you can find out more about Pat by checking out the links below:


Prime Time Business Women in Action: Interview with hypnotherapist Pat Duckworth — 4 Comments

  1. What an inspring video ladies, your passion and enthusiasm really show through Pat as do the reasons for writing a book – have just moved it further up my to-do list too!
    Your definition of work-life balance really resonated with me – ie putting in the hours because you enjoy what you do. Love it!
    As did your advice about finding supporters and role models.That was something I overlooked when I started and I am proviledged to count both of you as both supporters and role models.
    I love your advice to have fun and agree with that. I can see that both you of were certainly having fun in the interview.
    So thanks Karen for another fabulous interview.
    Lesley x
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Inspirational Stories – Helen RebelloMy Profile

    • Thanks for your feedback Lesley! I absolutely LOVE doing these interviews because they all reinforce my belief that starting a business is a real and viable opportunity for us ‘prime time women’ to step into our power and make our difference AND have a great time doing it! Pat is a fantastic example of someone who is doing exactly that!

  2. This is inspirational stuff Karen, loved what Pat had to say! So glad she managed to end up doing something that makes her happy. Sounds like shes got some major plans too, best of luck to you both, keep up these posts!

    • Thanks Elliot – there’s nothing quite like hearing from those who’ve actually ‘been and gone and done it!’ I loved interviewing Pat – she is indeed an inspiration….. & has currently just launched book number 3!

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