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Linda Anderson

Today’s Prime Time Business Women in Action video interview is with Linda Anderson. After working in what she describes as a ‘toxic’ environment and living a life that ‘other people expected me to lead’, Linda became ill.

‘In the end my body just said no for me because I wasn’t in alignment with what I was doing at all.’

As a result, Linda made the leap from multi-lingual secretary to becoming a ‘tapping expert’ and creating a business around her expertise:

‘I’ve just found something I absolutely love and it’s exciting to go for it. Age doesn’t come into it!’

As you’ll see when you watch the video, Linda is an inspirational example of someone who IS in total alignment with what she does. If you have any comments, feedback or questions for Linda, please feel free to add them below.

About Linda:  

Tapping Expert at Tap Into Your Success, Linda works with transformational coaches, healers and creatives who know in their bones they have something fabulous to offer when they’re in sessions with clients, but are just not comfortable talking about it or charging for it.

In fact they often hide behind their computer feeling like a fraud, hate quoting their rates and sometimes offer discounts without being asked!

Linda teaches them how to fall in love with sales and marketing, so they can get more clients, increase their income and their impact doing what they love – and they don’t have to settle for less by getting a job just to pay the bills.


‘Find Your Blocks to Money & Success’  pdf download:

Where To Tap and How to Tap For Stress – free video demonstration:

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Prime Time Business Women in Action is a series of interviews with women who share their experience of setting up a ‘later life’ business. 

Where better to find some inspiration and motivation than hearing from those who are already ‘out there, doing it’? And if you would like to share YOUR journey into business on this blog please contact – I’d love to hear from you.



Prime Time Business Women in Action |Tapping Expert Linda Anderson — 11 Comments

  1. Really powerful interview ladies,
    I found it really helpful to hear an explanation of how tapping works & inspirational and emotional to hear how it enabled Linda to ‘let go of who I’m not & who I thought I had to be.’
    I agree absolutely that development and growing one’s comfort zone is key to having a business & I love the phrase that continued growth enables me to ‘be a bigger container to grow a bigger business’.
    And also that it’s essential to get support – it’s not enough to be good at what you do, there are so many other things to learn and there are many people who can help.
    Thanks so much for a really useful interview,
    Lesley x
    lesley pyne recently posted…Inspirational Stories – Lisa ManterfieldMy Profile

    • Thank you Lesley – Linda is a pretty inspirational woman! I love doing these interviews as there is ALWAYS so much to be learned from other women’s journeys into business and Linda’s was no exception. I’m looking forward to interviewing YOU soon!

  2. Thanks Lesley for that lovely feedback – looking forward to hearing your interview soon!

    And thank you Karen for giving us the opportunity to share our stories here – it’s so helpful to know that we’re not alone with our challenges! As Corrina (Gordon-Barnes) is fond of saying, this is ‘self-employment’, not ‘by-yourself-employment’ 🙂

    If anyone has any questions about tapping or anything else in the interview, feel free to post them here – I’ll be listening in.

    Wishing you all every success on your journeys

    Linda Anderson recently posted…Survivor’s guiltMy Profile

  3. I can confirm first hand that she a wonderful professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She has made a tremendous difference in my life. Not only does she work with you but she also empowers you to take responsibility for your own growth cheering you all the way.

    It was very interesting to watch how she got herself into tapping, which is one of the best tools available to deal with all sorts of emotional upheaval . Keep on doing the wonderful job you’re doing Linda and helping people!.

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