Relationship Counsellor & Psychotherapist: Priya Tourkow

Priya Tourkow

Priya Tourkow | Intimacy Works

The subject of today’s Prime Time Business Women in Action interview is the lady you see here in the picture. (Eyes right!)

Meet Priya Tourkow, a psychotherapist who specialises in relationship counselling and psycho-sexual therapy, working mainly with couples who are looking for support and guidance.

‘Sometimes when people think of therapy work, they don’t think of it as a business… but it IS!’

The combination of being a therapist AND a business owner has not been without its challenges but despite some initial resistance, Priya has gradually ‘matured and mellowed’ into her role as business owner! (Isn’t that just a delightful way of putting it?)

When you watch our interview you’ll be in no doubt that Priya has created a business around her passion and her true calling:

‘I have a calling for this and I’m passionate about relationships….put it all together and that’s it! It feels so natural.’

Find out more about Priya’s work:…. workshops and courses for couples….my private practice…Intimacy Works Facebook page: couples/relationships/support/workshops

Now, over to you….

If you enjoyed Priya’s interview, please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. We’d both love to hear from you!


Relationship Counsellor & Psychotherapist: Priya Tourkow — 7 Comments

  1. wonderful, inspiring interview ladies.
    Priya your passion and enthusiasm shine through & what you do seems such a natural fit.
    I was glad to hear you say that it’s not always easy and especially when one has to make all the decisions!
    And I’m with both of you as being psychologically unemployable!
    Lesley Pyne recently posted…Drawing the Line: When IVF doesn’t workMy Profile

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