A selection of free resources for you to dip into….

I’ve created a selection of resources that I know you’ll find helpful on your business journey… and there are more being planned, so check back regularly to keep up to date with the latest materials!

Client Attraction Guide

If ever I want to understand a process, the first thing I do is create a visual representation of all the moving parts…. et voila, all the overwhelming details are instantly transformed into a format I can easily get my head around and take action on!

So, as someone who strives for simplicity in all things, it’s no wonder I love a good infographic for the way they can communicate SO much in a concise and engaging way,  allowing you to literally SEE the big picture in a way that words alone just can’t.

The Client Attraction Guide is a super-simple visual roadmap showing you the actionable steps to take to start attracting regular clients that you LOVE to work with!

It’s free for you to download and keep….CLICK HERE!

Prime Time Business Checklist

  • Am I doing the right things in the right order?
  • How do I avoid drowning in a sea of information?
  • How can I make sure I get the basics right?
  • …..and how can I increase my chances of actually getting things done?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions and wondered if there was a simple tool that could help you with the answers, then you’ll appreciate the Prime Time Business checklist. Yes, it’s a checklist but it’s also a simple, documented process designed to make business so much easier!

Prime Time Business Idea Analyser

Coming up with business IDEAS is relatively easy. But knowing which idea is the ‘right’ idea is often a challenge that can keep you well and truly STUCK in indecision before you even get off the starting blocks!

The Business Idea Analyser is a simple but powerful way to do something to break the deadlock by helping you think about your ideas in a more structured way so you can start sorting the wheat from the chaff!

If need something to help you validate any new ideas you have brewing….. CLICK HERE


Prime Time Business BlogFor me, blogging is one of my favourite ways to connect with my ‘tribe’ and discuss the many different challenges, joys, frustrations and successes that come with running a Prime Time business!

You’ll find an eclectic mix of topics covering both personal AND business growth because as we know, the two are TOTALLY interconnected! So, if you want tips on how to manage your mindset or market your small business hop on over and take a look….