Free Resources

No matter where you are right now, I’m here to help and I’m delighted to offer you four of my most useful free resources to support and encourage you on this exciting journey.

Select the options that suit:

#1 A Guide to Uncovering your Purpose

What’s my purpose in life? There are an awful lot of people searching for the answer to this question and if you’re one of them, this is for you!

We ALL have a light to shine, a contribution to make and a purpose to share with the world and yet it can be frustratingly difficult to uncover.

Using the Japanese Ikigai framework as a guide, the questions posed in this workbook are designed to help you do just that.

#2 How to Bring Your Plan P to Life… starting right here, right now.

If you’re at the beginning of your Plan P journey, I recommend that you start here with this free 40 minute audio training. Pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, grab a pen and paper and sit down, away from distractions and listen in.

Sign up below to get instant access and learn 3 simple strategies that’ll give you the courage, motivation and confidence to start making your Plan P dreams a reality.

#3 Client Attraction Guide

I love creating visuals as a way of making things super-simple, clear and actionable! The Client Attraction Guide does exactly that by giving you a visual roadmap of the actionable steps to take to help you attract regular clients that you LOVE working with.

An infographic to download, keep and refer to regularly to help you turn strangers into clients with ease.

#4 From Inspiration to Income

If you’re wondering how you come up with an idea in the first place and how you then turn that idea into a business that provides you with an income, this short video tutorial is for you.

This overview of the whole journey will show you the key steps to take to unlock your potential and transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable and purposeful.