Free Resources

Starting a business in your 50’s or 60’s, in that wonderful sweet-spot where your passion, purpose, potential and prosperity overlap, is a decision that sends positive ripples throughout many aspects of your life – your friends and family, your income and your way of life.

But I know it’s very easy for fear, anxiety and doubt to keep you stuck on the threshold of this decision for a l-o-n-g time.

No matter where you are right now, I’m here to help and I’m delighted to offer you three of my most useful free resources to support and encourage you on this exciting journey.

Select the options that suit:

#1 How to Bring Your Plan P to Life… starting right here, right now.

If you’re at the beginning of your Plan P journey, I recommend that you start here with this free 40 minute audio training. Pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, grab a pen and paper and sit down, away from distractions and listen in.

Sign up below to get instant access and learn 3 simple strategies that’ll give you the courage, motivation and confidence to start making your Plan P dreams a reality.

#2 The Super Simple Plan P Checklist

If you’re at the implementation stage of your Plan P, then this is the one for you to help you identify what you need to focus on and what you can safely ignore.

Everyone knows why checklists are so useful – they’re a brilliant way to help us get things done! But the Super Simple Plan P Checklist is so much more than just a useful to-do list – it’s also a step-by-step road map guiding you through the four key essentials of a Plan P business and brought together on one page for easy reference. Perfect if you’re looking for a simple process to help you get things up and running with focus, ease and flow.

Simple. Useful. Powerful.

#3 QUIZ: Are You Ready for Plan P?

On the one hand, you’re longing to get on and create your Plan P but on the other, you keep wondering if you’re ‘ready’ or if you have the commitment, clarity, strategy and confidence to make it happen.

Well, enough of all that! This Quiz will get you out of the limbo by giving you something tangible and valuable so you can stop ‘wondering’ and start ‘knowing’!

In the next 10 minutes or so you could KNOW:

  • where you are right NOW on your Plan P journey (your essential starting point!)
  • what and where the potential sticking points are (and how to overcome them)
  • what action steps you need to take to start moving your business aspirations forward in the direction you’d like.