My Ideal Clients

My client is special

She is part of a wonderful group of women in their 50’s 60’s and beyond, all eagerly moving into their next chapter.

She’s my ‘ideal client’ because she’s the one I can deliver the greatest value to and the one who benefits the most from what I offer.

I understand my ideal client. I know how it feels to be her and I know how to help her.

AND… I really love working with her, so it’s a win-win collaboration!

So I thought I would tell you more about her, so you can see if she’s YOU!

  • She’s a woman in her 50’s, 60’s or thereabouts!
  • She has lots of PMZ* coursing through her veins…. even if she’s not totally sure what to do it! *Post Menopausal Zest.
  • She’s not interested in more of the ‘same old, same old’.
  • She’s energised by the prospect of starting something new for the next chapter.
  • She sees this as a precious opportunity to redefine herself, to assess what’s working and what’s not and to change direction as desired.
  • She’s determined to make the absolute most of what’s ahead by now choosing to live and work with intention.
  • She loves learning and welcomes ‘challenge’ as an opportunity for the personal growth.
  • She may not know the what or the how of her Plan P but she’s ready to find out!
  • She’s ready to invest in herself, her future and her potential
  • She’s ready to create a dynamic new vision to take her forward into a new phase of life.
  • She wants support because she knows it will help speed her journey.
  • She understands that this journey is as much to do with self-belief, motivation, confidence (and the lack of) than anything else!
  • She wants to connect with someone who knows how it feels to be her.
  • She’s looking for a co-creator to help her shape her own ideas and isn’t interested in following someone else’s blueprint.
  • Passion, purpose, potential and prosperity are concepts that resonate strongly with her.

Is she you?

Not quite sure? Then let’s have a chat and find out together.