The Power of Taking the First Step

The power of taking the first step

I’m an ideas person. In fact, there are times when I could best be described as a one-woman-ideas-factory!

Ideas excite me… they energise and inspire me.

And there’s a very good reason for this! It’s because our ideas – mine and yours – are driven by a single, energising impulse – to be brought to life!

And yet as we know only too well, only SOME ideas come to fruition whereas others remain just that – ideas.

The question is ….WHY?

Now THIS is a question that absolutely fascinates me! Partly it’s the coach in me (we love our questions!) but partly because the answer has the potential to completely change the way we respond to our precious ideas.

But first, let me set the scene to help put this question in context. It’s a common scenario you may well be familiar with.

A new idea comes knocking…

Not just any old idea… an exciting, inspiring idea – something brilliant, like creating a business of your own perhaps! It’s SO very exciting…. and yes, maybe it’s even a bit scary. Correction – there’s no ‘maybe’ about it – it IS a bit scary. But this brilliant, exciting, inspiring idea really, REALLY floats your boat, right?

And then…


You start thinking about the million-and-one steps you’d need to take to actually bring your idea to life. And slowly but surely, you start to feel more and more overwhelmed and before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of it, possibly telling yourself it was a mad idea in the first place! It’s too late, too difficult, too expensive, now’s not the right time (a personal favourite!) and so on and so on. Feel free to add some of your own!

And bit by bit, the life is gradually snuffed out of the idea (that brilliant, exciting, inspiring idea, remember?) before it’s even seen the light of day!

I completely ‘get’ it though. So often, we hesitate to take ANY action, because it’s impossible to predict how ALL the subsequent steps are going to roll out. And because we want to have everything all figured out before we start – we DON’T start at all!

And THAT’S how an idea stays just that – an idea

Humans eh, what are we like? Is it any wonder we find it difficult to venture outside our comfort zone?

So what do we need to do differently if we’re to make our ideas a reality?

How do we get beyond the point where things start feeling so big and complex that they become downright scary and overwhelming?

Taking a different approach

Well, we KNOW that trying to figure out everything before we start is a recipe for disaster but here’s something to consider:

What if we made a deal with our self to just take the very first step…. with absolutely no pressure about the steps to take after that?

What if we decided to do this one thing as a way of honouring our ideas, creativity and inspiration?

How would that feel?

Because if you think about it, ALL major achievements begin as small steps which then gradually build into something more.

When I look back at the significant things I’ve done in my life, I can trace each and every one of them back to the first small step… usually some innocuous action, like saying yes to an opportunity, following my curiosity or typing my details into a website.

That’s exactly how my business began….

After running a business with my partner for some time, I reached a point where I knew I really wanted to ‘do something different’. Trouble was, I didn’t know WHAT that something might be. It all felt so BIG and so overwhelming and for a long time I was paralysed into doing….. yes, you guessed it, absolutely nothing!

But one day, one simple action unwittingly became the catalyst that changed everything.

What was that simple action?

I typed my name and email address into a website and signed up for a discovery session with a life coach! I didn’t have any real expectations about where this would take me – I was simply following my curiosity. From there, I decided to take the next step of working with her for a few months – a decision which quite literally changed my life. Because as a result of that, I decided to train to become a coach and the rest, as they as they say, is history! But without that first step, my life would be so much different to what it is now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it was all plain sailing from that point onward – it wasn’t – but the point I want to stress is, that one step started my journey and took me so much further than any amount of waiting, thinking or additional preparation ever could.

Kick-start the journey

It helped me kick-start an incredible new adventure and I’ve no doubt it could do exactly the same for you too. So many of us let our dreams slip away, simply because we were too afraid to take that first small step forward.

Time and time again, I’ve witnessed how quickly things unfold once clients decide to take the next step toward their goals…. and how that ONE step can kick-start their journey and lead them to places they could never have anticipated. That ONE step becomes a catalyst for further action, creating possibilities and opportunities that had absolutely zero percent chance of happening before!

And the same is true for you as you look to make your brilliant, exciting, inspiring idea of creating a business a reality. You don’t need to make a big, sweeping ‘do or die’ decision. You don’t need to have all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed.

Your journey can begin simply by taking the first step and allowing what comes next to unfold.

Take that powerful first step

We’re all familiar with the quote about a journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step and we recognise its obvious truth. First steps are incredibly powerful because above all else they allow the journey to begin. And once the journey begins, it can lead you to places you could never have envisioned in a million years!

If this sounds overly simplistic, please don’t dismiss it. Try it! It works. You don’t have to figure everything out, you just have to start. And to start you have take the first step.

And if you’re thinking, ‘nice idea but I don’t know WHAT the first step is’, I’ve got you covered. Yes this is a shameless plug but there’s no point in me having a solution for you and not telling you, is there? If you’re stuck, book yourself a Power Hour Session – a full 60 minutes to fully engage with your ideagive it a bit of love, gain a fresh perspective on what’s possible and allow your new journey to begin.

I’ll finish with this piece of advice from the inspirational Liz Gilbert (an ‘ideas person’ if ever there was one!) who says, “Receive your ideas with respect and curiosity, not drama or dread.”

Sound advice, don’t you think?

So the next time a brilliant idea comes knocking, try doing just that – treat it with respect and curiosity. Take the first step… see where it might take you.

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