The Terrible Twosome – Procrastination and Perfectionism!

Ta-dah!  I announced over on my Facebook page  yesterday that my theme for the week was ‘Just Do It’ and in honour of this I have ‘just done it’….. I’ve posted my very first video blog and here it is below in all its glorious imperfection!

Now you may be wondering why I’m so excited about a piece of ‘imperfection’ but the reason for my delight is that this is something I’ve been ‘meaning to do’ for ages and it’s something that’s been hanging around on my to-do list for months but as you’ll hear in the video, I kept getting hijacked by the ‘terrible twosome’-  and what a formidable partnership they make! Yes, I’m taking about perfectionism and procrastination and if you’ve come across them in your business you’ll know exactly why I describe them as a ‘formidable partnership’!

Watch the video and I’ll tell you more…

Thank you so much for watching and yes, I know it was probably too long and I know the sound isn’t great but it’s done and I know the next one will be so much easier.

If you’ve been affected by the terrible twosome it would be great to hear from you in the comments box below.  Share your experiences and let us know:

•  How have perfectionism or procrastination affected you in your business?
•  What are the strategies which work well for you and help you overcome them?


The Terrible Twosome – Procrastination and Perfectionism! — 12 Comments

  1. Woohoo! Way to go Karen! Brilliant first video blog. am feeling guilty now ‘cos that is one of my sticking points too.

    How do I deal with the terrible twosome? For me, breaking things down into small steps and then allowing myself to do just one of the steps and then stop! Yes, sometimes the first step gets you in flow and you end up doing more, but giving yourself permission to just take a tiny step forwards is all you need.

    So just writing half of one page of your planned website – or for the career changers I work with, just contacting one person to chat about their job – is fine! Even tiny steps are valuable so don’t beat yourself up that it is not enough. The tiniest of steps does move you forward and so is worth while.

    Looking forward to your next video, Karen!

    • Thank you so much Cherry – if I can do it, I’m sure YOU can. Like you say, we ALL have our sticking points and yet so often that first step is all it takes for us to get unstuck. And thanks for sharing your small steps tip – it is amazing how far they will take you. So tell me – sorry, but I bet you knew I’d have to ask the question – what small step can you take to get you past your sticking point?

  2. Karen, That’s quite an impressive first video post. You looked into the camera to engage the audience, your voice was clear, and you presented your struggles with the Terrible Two’s and the way to get unstuck very well.

    As you said, the main thing is to start. Perhaps to start small, taking a baby step, and moving to more and more challenging projects. Another huge help is to get feedback telling you what you did well and making a suggestion or two on how to make it even better.

    This is the approach Toastmasters uses. As a member for over 10 years, I’ve learned not only how to give better presentations but how to try other things by taking baby steps and getting feedback.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Madeleine – I really appreciate it. It feels unbelievably good to have done it at last! I’m off now to google ‘Toastmasters’….!

  3. Hi Karen,
    Excellent work – good on you for jumping in and doing this video blog – you are a natural.

    I want to say “join the clan” with these 2 parts – I know them well. I can get bogged down in both – sometimes I just do it anyway (and usually regret it as the voices come in afterwards) and yet I feel lighter.
    – sometimes I have to get my work in order or even my house! before doing anything – this also clears a space for me to do it
    – and sometimes I surrender to “I’m not going to do anything at all” which also gives me space.
    I know myself too well!!!
    I’m sure you feel lighter now and are having a drink and toasting yourself. Irene

    • Many thanks Irene – I’m thinking of adding ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ to my growing list of mantras! I know those ‘voices’ you mention too – they certainly don’t help but I find they respond quite well to a ‘thank you for your input but butt out!

  4. Congratulations Karen! You took the first step and got to the end brilliantly! As you rightly said, it can be hard taking the first step but once you have, the world is your oyster. My mantra this year is ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ so it is all about taking baby steps for me. I look forward to future videos and wish you all the best now that you’re over the hurdle.

  5. A great first video Karen, as you say Just Do It, learn lessons & keep on developing.
    I’ve learned (or maybe am learning) that perfectionism is about seeking approval from others &, as that cannot be controlled, perfect is therefore unattainable. It can also be addictive – we do something, someone says something negative so we think we’re not perfect enough & try to be even more perfect.
    Healthy striving, doing your best & being good “enough” are better because they’re focused on us.
    Often easier to say than to do though.

  6. Karen, I ‘stumbled’ upon your site after trailing throught the web for the whole of today. Your video blog really struck a chord with me – perfectionism is certainly a ‘thing’ with me – but I hadn’t really considered how it was making me procrastinate! I left my job (of some 31 years) at the end of last month and am very keen to make a go of something on my own. I know I have the skills, talent and tenacity (and I probably have too many ideas which makes it difficult to concentrate on ‘the one’). Anyway, your free booklet should be a help to me (thanks for that) and it was great to see you, ‘in the flesh’ as it were, talking such simple good sense. Great video blog; look forward to the next one, perfect or not!

    • Hi Jane… good to ‘meet’ you & thanks for your positive encouragement! Oh yes, believe me, perfectionism is often procrastination in disguise – and of course it always sounds like such a noble reason when more often it’s just an excuse for not actually DOING anything!

      Well, you must be incredibly excited (amongst a whole host of other emotions I suspect!) about the amazing opportunity you have in front of you – skills, talent, ideas and tenacity sound like a pretty formidable combination to me. Feel free to get in touch if a conversation would help. Good luck and I wish you every success in your new venture.

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