Video Interview with Jo Tocher: Creating Meaning From Loss

What am I doing here? I’m a changed person and THIS is not what I am meant to be doing!”

Prime Time Business Women in Action

These are the words of my guest Jo Tocher in today’s Prime Time Women in Action video interview. In our conversation Jo talks candidly about how she made the decision to leave the corporate world after she experienced a miscarriage at 24 weeks.

This traumatic event changed her life and her direction, culminating in the creation of a business she loves.

Our ‘bad’ times can be a powerful catalyst

Jo Tocher

We all experience ups and downs in life… and unfortunately, bad things DO happen. A devastating event can knock our whole world off-kilter, changing our perspective on just about everything…  BUT as you’ll hear in our interview, it can also be an opportunity for significant personal growth as well as a powerful catalyst for positive change.

“For me, it feels like I’ve come full circle from my tragedy to getting to my place of meaning and helping other people through their loss.”

Jo knows all too well how devastating the trauma of miscarriage can be, and is now on a powerful mission to use her wealth of experience as a holistic therapist and mentor to help women work through the loss of a baby during pregnancy.

This conversation is about more than Jo’s personal story

It’s a conversation about how painful experiences can completely reorientate our lives, setting us on a path we might otherwise never have found. It’s a conversation about using our experience to make a difference to others and it’s a conversation about creating meaning from loss and turning personal tragedy into something valuable and purposeful by being of service to others.

I’m grateful to Jo for joining me, and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

And you?

It’s more often our negative experiences or challenges which lead us to re-evaluate who we are and what we do… and a catalyst of some sort usually lies behind the decision to start a later-life business.

Has your business evolved in response to events in your life? What was the catalyst that kickstarted a change of direction for you?

Please share any comments in the box below – we’d love to hear from you.

More about Jo…

Jo Tocher is an experienced holistic therapist who has been working in the field of complementary therapies since 1997. After taking a diploma in Aromatherapy at the world famous Tisserand Institute she went on to train in multiple therapies, including Aromatherapy in Pregnancy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Hypnosis, Wellbeing Coaching, Mindfulness & Meditation, Vitali Chi, and The Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

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