What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re someone who’s been waiting to get your business idea off the ground for some time, you’ll know only too well that it’s not exactly the most comfortable situation to be in.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be ‘waiting’ when they could be stretching, growing and living their full potential. When you know full well that you could be having a much greater impact in the world, ‘waiting’ is downright frustrating!

So if you’re not happy about it, why are you waiting… or more to the point, what exactly are you waiting for?

My guess is, it’s probably one of two things:

  • you’re waiting to be ‘ready’ or
  • you’re waiting for the ‘right time’

Both of these sound plausible and convincing but you know what, you might just as well say you’re waiting for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius because the outcome is the same…. you’ll still be ‘waiting’ and as you’ll already know, being in this situation is painfully disempowering. There is nothing more exasperating than being able to sense an opportunity and yet, be unable to grasp it, simply because it has presented itself before the time is right or before you’re ready.

But my guess is, the real source of your exasperation is the knowledge that deep down, you know that ‘waiting’ is an excuse to disguise the fact that you’re scared – scared to upset the status quo maybe, or scared to go out on a limb.

All of which is perfectly normal

No one steps foot in unfamiliar territory without experiencing similar feelings but unless we find a way to bypass our fearful ‘I’m not quite ready’ thoughts they will keep us stuck in the ‘waiting limbo’ and hold us back from doing the thing we really want to do.

So how DO you get out of the waiting limbo?

Well, in my experience, there is only one thing you can do and that is – make the decision to go for it, starting where you are right NOW, in spite of not feeling ‘ready.’ 

  • Stop waiting for the ‘right time’. It’s NOW.
  • Stop thinking, ‘I’m not ready’. You are.

Make the decision. It will change everything.

Can I help you?

If this is you, consider booking a Plan P Strategy Session with me. No matter where you are right now…. no matter whether you’re ‘ready’, no matter whether the time is ‘right’, you will leave the session in no doubt, that the waiting is over.

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