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All Services

My signature Plan P Process underpins ALL my programmes, so no matter how you choose to work with me, this solid 6-step framework will support you to create a vision and plan that inspires, energises and focuses you. A plan that feels exciting, clear and totally doable.

It’s a blend of strategic business and personal development support because I know from experience you need both in alignment for success. Combining inner clarity and confidence with focused action is THE simplest, most effective way I know to make your aspirations a reality.

You can visit each individual service through the links below to find out more and of course, you can also contact me to arrange a conversation where we can explore what you’re looking for and how I can best support you.

At a glance…

The Inspiration Incubator

You keep hearing about all the amazing opportunities ‘out there’ right now for 50+ woman to do their own thing and be their own boss and yet here you are, at a time and place in your life when you’re more than ready to plant some seeds of change but you haven’t got a clue what seeds to plant, let alone where to plant them!

This online home-study course will help you uncover and clarify a vision for ‘what’s next’ that will provide purpose, fulfilment and prosperity.

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Plan P Strategy Session

If you have your business idea, but need some help refining and clarifying it, so you can really dig in and get started, a Strategy Session is a great place to start bringing your cherished dreams to life.

A truly powerful shot of clarity for you and a fresh perspective on what’s possible in this is one-on-one ‘power hour’ session. Walk away with more clarity, confidence and certainty about the next steps to take on your adventure.

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Momentum VIP Day

A totally bespoke, personal one day ‘workshop’ – a shot of impetus to get you focused and into action.

A powerful and energising momentum boost for those of you ready to kick-start your business aspirations and put your experience, talents and skills to work.

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Flying Start One to One Mentoring

Personal 1:1 business mentoring and coaching – The Flying Start is my signature programme.

A 12 week collaborative partnership for those of you who want to unlock your potential, unleash your dreams and transform your ideas, experience and talents into a unique, fulfilling, first-time business.

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