Catalyst One-to-One Intensive

Catalyst One-to-One

Catalyst Session90 minute 1:1 intensive session

Timely business mentoring when you’re ‘stuck’ and in need of fresh eyes and a new perspective to get you and your business moving forward again.

A dynamic session, hosted online and recorded for you to listen to again, giving you the practical help and motivation you need to get UNstuck and get cracking!



Getting stuck is par for the course

It’s something we ALL struggle with from time to time….. in fact, ‘STUCK’ is the word which probably crops up more than any other in my meetings with clients. It happens to each and every business owner I know at some point and as those of us who have experienced it can testify, it’s incredibly debilitating and very, VERY frustrating!

I know only too well that many a viable plan can stall and flounder simply for want of some timely focus, clarity and motivation to help you move forward again. A Catalyst One-to-One Session is like having your very own business mentor ‘on tap’ to provide exactly that – professional support when you need it, ESPECIALLY for those times when you get stuck.

  • When you know you desperately need some additional support
  • When you’re struggling to maintain your passion and energy
  • When you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you see through your blind spots
  • When you have a seemingly random set of ideas but no idea how they all fit together
  • When you KNOW what you need to do but need some help to actually DO IT! (Believe me, this one is oh so common!)
  • When you’re tired of pushing and pushing without really moving forward


A Catalyst for ACTION

When you find yourself in situations like this you start to feel as though you’re lost in a maze but I promise you, there is ALWAYS a way out. Whatever ‘it’ is that’s keeping you stuck, fresh eyes and a new perspective will quickly break the ‘stuck stalemate’ and get things moving forward for you again.

Invest just 90 minutes with me and you’ll walk away with clarity and confidence ready to get back on track and take aligned action.

A conversation worth having

A Catalyst One-to-One Session is an in-depth session where we get clear on exactly where you’re currently stuck and then set to work getting you UNstuck and back on track. The real power of this session lies not in the conversation itself, but in the actions you’ll be able to take as a result of the clarity, confidence and motivation you’ll feel by the end of it.

If nothing changes, nothing changes – that’s precisely why we get stuck! And yet, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly things can change as a result of one conversation.

I’ve been doing 1:1 sessions with women in business since 2010, helping them release their ‘stuck energy’ and moving them into a more empowering place where they’re ready, willing and able to move forward again with a spring in their step.

What people find valuable about a Catalyst One-to-One

Here are some of the words my clients use to describe the value to them of the conversations we have:

“You helped me to be clear about what steps I needed to make to fulfill what I really wanted to do – and now I’m doing it! Thank you so much.”

“Talking with you and with your brilliant approaches you already helped me to gain my focus and inner power back.”
Gaja Europe

“Every single time I talk to you Karen, I come away motivated, focused and inspired to take action. Every single time! Thank you.”
Wendy North London

So how might you use a Catalyst Session?

The beauty of the Catalyst One-to-One is that YOU get to set your very own agenda. 

This is by no means a definitive list but below are just some examples of the topics covered with with clients recently (and remember it’s totally bespoke so if you’re not sure whether it’ll be suitable for sorting out your particular requirements, drop me an email and just ask )

    • Clearly identifying your target market
    • Articulating your solutions to your clients’ problems
    • Creating a clear and focused daily, weekly and monthly basis marketing strategy for your business
    • Getting to grips with social media and integrating it in to your current marketing activities
    • Improving your pricing structure to increase your profitability
    • Creating a ‘stranger to client’ progressive engagement plan
    • Developing a clear ‘big picture’ business vision for the next 6 months
    • Website review and update


And a whole lot more besides! No matter WHAT your chosen agenda, the tangible outcomes of the session will be clarity, confidence and the motivation to take action.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to cut through the fog of confusion and indecision you have around ANY aspect of your business, the Catalyst One-to-One is the perfect opportunity.

When I met with Karen over a coffee, I was definitely in overwhelm mode about all the marketing stuff I knew I had to do to get my business seen and out there in the world. My website was poised to go live and I was feeling all over the place. Karen was so calm, down to earth and best of all, related every word she said totally to me and my particular situation. I felt calmed down minute by minute and left with my overwhelm transformed into a clear plan. Such a blessed relief! Thanks Karen.

Priya Tourkow
Intimacy Works


How does a Catalyst-One-to-One Session work?

  • Schedule your Catalyst One-to-One Session using this link to my online diary
  • An email is sent to your inbox with :
    • A preparation form to complete and return at least 48 hours before your session, which helps YOU get fully focused and gives ME a good overview of you and your business before we meet so we can really hit the ground running and maximise our time together.
    • An invoice to settle through Paypal or via Bank Transfer before your Catalyst-One-to-One Session
  • We spend 90 minutes together on ZOOM, my favourite online meeting platform – (or via telephone if you prefer) and set to work closing the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. You are also most welcome to meet up in person in central London.
  • After our session you’ll receive a recording of your session (if it was conducted on ZOOM), and a summary of the main points we’ve explored for you to take action on.
  • Email support is available for up to 14 days after your session. (Remember, the value of the Catalyst One-to-One is NOT in the time we spend together but in what you can achieve AFTER, as a result of the time spent together.)

Your investment?

A Catalyst One-to-One session is just is £147

Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes…. so when you’re ready to get unstuck and get moving again, book your session here.