Magic Map

Magic Map

A simple, powerful shot of clarity and focus to catapult you into wholehearted action!

A visual coaching process to get you crystal clear on the exact 3 steps you need to take next to move your business forward.


“I’m not exactly sure WHERE I am now!” As a business owner you’ll know only too well how easy it is sometimes to get a bit ‘lost’ in the day to day details, so you’re probably familiar with this sentiment!

And, no doubt you’ll also know that once you lose sight of the ‘big picture’ it’s very easy for half-formed ideas to scatter your focus in a hundred different directions….and when that happens, well, things can start to get messy faster than you can say ‘confusion and overwhelm’!

The culprit is always the same. Clarity….or rather, LACK OF clarity. When this magical, key ingredient goes missing, both you and your business quickly start to feel stale, fuzzy and unfocused.

Things change

It happens. It’s part of the ebb and flow of business.

Both you and your business are constantly evolving and shifting – what was important a few months ago may be less so now. What excited you before, may not now. The way you did things in the past may not be the best way to do things now.

And so there are times in every business when you NEED to pause, take a step back and reconnect with what’s REALLY going on. Not what you THINK is going on. Not what you HOPE is going on. But what is ACTUALLY going on. Which means checking-in regularly for a swift injection of clarity.

At times like this you need to ‘consult the map’ – the Magic Map

The Magic Map is designed to give you that ‘swift injection of clarity’ by helping you look at your current practices from a fresh new perspective. And no matter where you are in your business, your starting point is always the same – by getting a clear picture of your current position. 

Think of it this way, if you’re a bit lost and you phone someone for directions, the first question they ask is, ‘Where are you now?’ The same applies to your business- you can’t get yourself to where you want to BE until you first get clear on where you ARE right now. Makes sense, yes?

Who is the Magic Map session for?

The Magic Map works best for those of you who recognise the need to get some all-important clarity on exactly how you want your business to evolve AND are ready to take action.

  • Maybe you’re just starting out with ideas a-plenty but not sure which steps to take first
  • Or maybe you’ve been in business for a while but things have started to drift and unless you stop and get your bearings you run the risk of finding yourself way off course
  • Or perhaps you’re looking for a quick and simple way to help you move ideas out of your head and into action
  • Or maybe you’ve simply lost your mojo – it happens! – and you’re looking for some serious motivation and momentum to revitalise both you and your business


You need to KNOW to grow!

It’s so, so hard to grow unless you know how things stand…. and for that you need a clear overview. Without it, half-formed ideas can pull you in many different directions.

confused thinkingClarity is key!

Clarity on how to make best use of your natural skills and talents…. on the people you can best serve… on how you deliver your products and services…. on which direction to take… on the best way to get your message ‘out there’.

Unless you are clear, you can’t be confident and if you’re not confident, you can’t commit and if you can’t commit, you can’t DO… and so it goes around and around.

The Magic Map is the perfect antidote to this

An example of a Magic MapIn case you’re wondering about the ‘magic’ bit, there are no wands, potions or spells (sorry!) – instead it uses three powerful elements – clarity, focus and wholehearted action, which combine to produce a transformative outcome!

No, it’s not magic…..but it can certainly feel magical! By the end of this process you’ll have turned all those debilitating things like overwhelm, procrastination and confusion, (…familiar with any of these?) into an objective ‘snapshot’ or overview – vital information you can USE to make wholehearted decisions.

The Magic Map will help you

  • Untangle your thoughts and move from confusion to clarity – fast
  • Bring an invigorating shot of inspiration and energy back into your business
  • See things from a fresh new perspective so you can refocus on what actually matters
  • Move out of ‘analysis paralysis’ and overwhelm so you can finally make decisions, move forward and build momentum
  • Bridge the gap between your current business reality and the new business reality you want to create

“A Magic Map session with Karen is enjoyable and truthful; a constructive way of looking at where your business is now in all it’s aspects. I found it revealing as in the good, the bad and the slightly ugly. And I now know what’s needed in a clear definable way: several steps that feel achievable. A touch of magic…perhaps?”

Priya Tourkow


Here’s how the Magic Map works

Firstly….a little homework! This is sent to you as a recording and a download, which you listen to and complete at your leisure – just set aside 45 minutes or so to work through a simple exercise designed to get you thinking about the key bits of your business.

Once you’ve done, you email your prep to me and I’ll get to work preparing your bespoke Magic Map which will be returned to you, along with the link to my online diary, for you to book your 1:1 call with me to discuss your map in detail.

A 60 minute 1:1 call with me (skype or phone). Together we’ll explore your Magic Map and use the clarity it provides to design the way ahead.  With a clear, simple, ‘visual map’ in front of you, you’ll be able to SEE things from a new perspective and be in a perfect position to decide which 3 priorities to focus on and what actions to take so you can get on and DO what you know you’re here to do.

“I spent a very productive Magic Map session with Karen that left me feeling energised and raring to go. Karen gently encouraged me to find solutions and see new situations and a clear path ahead that I couldn’t previously find. I would highly recommend
this to anyone who is at a crossroads or generally feeling stuck.”

Jo Tocher


“Working through the Magic Map with Karen has been really helpful start to my year. I have been able to sit back and see where things are really going well and also see the areas where I have room to improve. I have a better idea on what I want to focus on over the next few months. I can’t wait to do a review in 6 months and see where I’ve made progress. The visual element of the map is one of the key attractions for me.”

Stacey Chapman


“Working through the Magic Map process was really useful. Seeing the ‘big picture’ of my business was a revelation, and especially to realise just how much I’ve already achieved. We then focused on the possibilities and opportunities and Karen gently probed me to uncover what might stop me. I came away with a simple and clear action plan. It’s a great process for everyone who wants to take a step back, you’ll come away with clarity and perspective and a renewed enthusiasm for your business.”

Lesley Pyne

Your Investment

This is the first time the Magic Map has been offered in this new format at a special low price of JUST £60 (inc VAT) which makes it EXTREMELY good value for bespoke 1:1 support, even if I say so myself!


Clarity. Focus. Direction.

The Magic Map is quite simply, the quickest, most effective way I know to help you, to help your business and to help everyone who needs what you do.

Nothing makes my heart sing as much as helping you cut through the clutter and find clarity, focus and direction for you and your business.

So, if you’re looking for an immediate surge of energy, confidence and enthusiasm that comes from having a specific, do-able plan of action that you’re raring to implement, click on the button below and you can get started on your Magic Map straight away.