One to One Mentoring Programme

Flying Start: 12 Week Personal Mentoring Programme

Personal 1:1 business mentoring and coaching :

A 12 week collaborative partnership for those of you who want to unlock your potential, unleash your dreams and transform your ideas, experience and talents into a unique, fulfilling, first-time business.

So here you are… ready and raring to go

Ready to unfurl your wings and take flight.

Ready to unlock your potential and transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable and purposeful.

Ready to get moving and make your ‘prime time’ business dream a reality.

So far, so good.

And yet… you’ve been ‘ready’ for some time now but somehow find yourself well and truly STUCK on the starting line because you don’t know HOW to go about transforming the dream in your head into a real-life business.

At the start of your adventure but unable to move forward

The thing is, you KNOW you’ve got something important to share with the world but there’s one voice in your head telling you to take the leap and ‘just do it’ and another warning you to move away from the edge!

Or maybe you’ve actually started your business but feel overwhelmed at the enormity of it all and find yourself shilly-shallying around going nowhere fast!

It’s an exciting time and it’s a vulnerable time. Added to which, there’s an awful lot of self-doubt going on and precious little clarity, confidence or strategy!

Inside you KNOW that there IS a way to do this but right now it feels like you’re trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with an odd selection of seemingly random pieces and no picture on the box!

I get that, I really do. I’ve been there too, not knowing HOW to make it all fit together, desperately wanting and trying to force the pieces into some sort of shape. But of course, it doesn’t work without that all-important ‘picture on the box’.

And then what happens? Well, you find yourself wondering if maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all and before you know it, what once felt like opportunity and potential is replaced by a sense of deficiency and resignation.

But since you’re reading this, I’m sensing you’re ready to change all that.

Flying Start is my invitation to you to stop waiting and start creating

  • cut through the fog of confusion and indecision you have around your business and finally focus your attention
  • step into your power and start defining your options and shaping the outcomes you want
  • set in motion a wonderful thing called momentum
  • turn your ideas into a commitment
  • shift from ‘castles in the air’ to laying firm foundations
  • experience the inspiration and motivation that comes from combining clarity and confidence with a simple strategy

Your new business venture is precious to you

Of course it is…. because it’s so much MORE than ‘just’ a business isn’t it? It’s also an amazing opportunity to unlock your potential and transform your lifetime’s experience into something valuable and purposeful. A chance to make a difference and earn a living doing something that makes your heart sing.

And something this precious deserves to be nurtured.

So check in to see if this is what you’re looking for

Flying Start is my flagship programme and has been designed to take you step-by-step from a standing start, to enrolling paying clients, in just 12 weeks. It’s ideal for you if you fit into either of these two categories:

  • You’re just starting out and raring to go
    You have plenty of ideas (or half-ideas!) but they’re mainly just bumping into each instead of going in any particular direction! You want to put all the pieces of your particular puzzle together into something viable and enjoyable with a simple, doable strategy for success to underpin your business aspirations. And you’re looking for guidance, encouragement and support rather than struggling along trying to do it by yourself. You also know that unless you put yourself out there and start actively taking steps towards what’s calling you, you’ll never see it come to fruition.
  • You’re fed up with trying to ‘wing it’
    It’s also for you if you’ve been in business for a while but are still struggling because the key pieces are missing and you find yourself well and truly STUCK before you’ve really got started. For you, time spent addressing the essential fundamentals and getting things properly established and on a firm footing will be time well spent.

You’re looking for some confident guidance

Flying Start is NOT a one-size-fits-all programme – it’s a creative and strategic collaboration with someone who’s in your corner…. someone who ‘gets’ you and what you want to create. And that ‘someone’ is me!

Together, we’ll align your ideas and options with your values and vision to create a plan that inspires, energises and focuses you. A plan that feels exciting, clear and totally doable.

Flying Start uses my 6-step Plan P Process as a framework to ensure that you are building your business with success as you define it at its core – a business that makes an impact and a difference and serves you just as much as it serves the clients you are taking care of and where you are rewarded for the value you deliver to the world.

There’s a magic that happens when working on a 1:1 basis. There is quite simply, NOTHING quite like this level of personal focus and support to propel you forward in double-quick time to achieve the results you seek.

You want it to be simple

One of the things which stops many a potential prime time business woman in her tracks is the myth that you have to be able to do a whole heap of often complex things to build a successful business. But as someone who’s ‘been there and done it’ I know this simply isn’t true.  You certainly do NOT have to do lots of things, you just have a do a few key things really well.  A lot of the other stuff is just a distraction… and an often overwhelming one at that! The more complicated you make things, the less likely you are to actually implement the thing you’re trying to achieve, so I’m a huge believer in keeping things simple!

In my experience, simplicity has an enormous power: the power to cut through overwhelm and reveal the clarity, focus and actions that will enable you to quickly bring your prime time business to life.

You want to build your business on firm foundations

I’ve seen many a new business owner struggle simply because they headed straight into things like designing a snazzy website. But because they didn’t have the fundamental things in place, they found it really hard. They didn’t know WHAT to say, WHAT they were offering or WHO they were even talking to, which meant they fumbled around aimlessly and consequently ended up taking much, much LONGER to get things off the ground.

It’s a bit like splashing out on a gorgeous, exotic plant and finding out later – when it’s wilting and looking pretty sorry for itself – it’s because it’s in the wrong soil, the wrong container and the wrong position! And, just like a plant, it’s what’s hidden from view that so often determines if your business will take root and flourish.

Before we started working together I was stuck in a hole both personally and professionally. I had a broad idea of my niche & where I wanted to go & no idea how to get there. I was ready to go out & do this thing, but was feeling frustrated & unmotivated because I didn’t know how to do it.

As soon as we started to work together it felt like a weight had been lifted from me, your natural warmth, confidence and competence gave me the assurance that you knew what to do & how to make it work. You’ve challenged me & pushed me beyond my comfort zone, (so many times & so far that I don’t know where it is any more – thank you). You’ve been really supportive & encouraging. You knew what I needed in terms of feedback (especially when I wobbled), and celebrated my success.  You held me to account, gave me things to do, were a great sounding board and have enthusiasm for what I am & can do. We’ve had fun.

And equally important I have the belief & confidence that I can do it, I’m focused, inspired & motivated and I’m now ready to go into the arena, do the best I can, being my authentic self.

Lesley Pyne |
“Supporting childless women to heal and to create a life they love.”

When I contacted Karen I had recently qualified as an AMATSU practitioner and having got this amazing new skill and all this knowledge, I wanted to ‘get it out there.’ I wanted as many people as possible to benefit, as I have.  I spent months floating around working with a couple of clients…. waiting for ‘the right time.’ And when a ‘right time’ presented itself I became totally overwhelmed by the enormity of turning this into a proper business and so frustrated with myself for not knowing where or how to start.

Having always been employed, I’d never had to make these types of decisions before and I needed someone to, not only help me make the decisions, but then hold me accountable for actually doing it. Working with Karen gave me this much needed accountability and helped me to move out of the procrastination that had kept me well and truly stuck. I have been able to move from ‘perfect inaction’ to imperfect action!

In the last few months, Karen has helped me break down that once huge, seemingly impossible thing, into many, tiny baby steps, each of which were doable and, just like walking, I’ve now got into a momentum where things are now just flowing quite naturally. My mind-set has totally changed too – once I became open to the idea that it CAN happen… it just did!

Nicola Forward | AMATSU Practitioner
North London

Here’s what you get..

Clarity Assessment
The very first step is for you to get a sense of where you are and where you want to go in terms of what you really want to create – both in your business and your life. This simple exercise helps you make a start even before our first session. It’s designed to encourage your creative thinking and gently ease you into the process, ready for your Kick Start Session.

Induction Session
As an ex-teacher I know how important it is for you to get the guidance and support that’s right for YOU so we start off with a 90 minute telephone/skype conversation* where together we’ll map out exactly how our collaboration will work best for you and get the ball rolling at the very outset. (*It may be possible to arrange a face to face meeting at a mutually convenient location for this session.) 

Bi-weekly Breakthrough Sessions 

You’ll have scheduled bi-weekly consultation sessions which normally take place via a fantastic video conference platform called ZOOM. Think of these as regular, concentrated boosts of learning, strategy, inspiration and accountability so you know what to do and in what order to make your business ideas happen.  Otherwise known as motivational dynamite!

Practical, structured assignments

In-between our calls you’ll have small, focused tasks to complete to consolidate your thinking and keep you moving ever forward. These are especially designed to be creative, enjoyable ways of doing all of the ‘traditional’ stuff by leveraging your intuition, experience and instinct.

Endless support and encouragement throughout
Support, accountability and motivation are perhaps THE most crucial, yet often under-valued part of any coaching relationship. You’ll have me at the end of the phone (or Skype) for urgent or quick questions in between sessions and you can access unlimited email support (during the week). It’s very much a collaboration and together we’ll ensure you see your ideas through to completion.

Oh and one more VERY important ingredient – FUN, which we’ll have LOTS of along the way! (It’s compulsory!)

I’m sure you have questions…

Bringing a business to life is an ever-evolving process so there’s no hanging around waiting! There’s a fair amount of exploring, learning and clarifying to do but this is also very much an experiential journey and you’ll be implementing right from the outset because all your seriously brilliant ideas and wonderful intentions will only benefit you, your clients and your business IF they are implemented! Having ideas is easy… following through to bring them to reality is what really matters and that’s where ongoing support makes all the difference.

I’m totally passionate about the value ‘business’ creates for older women – on a personal level and for society at large. I delight in using my experience, time, heart and energy to help creative and passionate women make their mark on the world.

This is NOT a generic business start-up programme – this is about the two of us working in collaboration – to ensure you create a business on your own terms, doing what you love. You and me, 1:1, figuring out what YOU need to get your work into the world.

Flying Start has been designed specifically to help you step into your dream of starting a first-time business by providing a simple framework to help you focus and direct your efforts and get things properly established and on a firm footing at the outset.

It’s also pretty unique in that it works with you on BOTH the personal and the business challenges ahead because make no mistake, the two are completely interlinked – your mindset and self belief play an enormous part in your business success. This programme combines inner clarity with outer action – the most powerful combination I know! My background in business, training and coaching makes me particularly well placed to help YOU navigate the internal blocks as well as the practical ‘how-to’ elements necessary for your business success.

So if you like the sound of working this way, I’m your woman! (And if you want to find out more about my philosophy you can do so here!)

Ideas and good intentions aren’t much use to anyone if they never get to see the light of day, so everything you’re currently NOT doing is at a cost to your future potential income and lifestyle. It makes sound financial sense to get clear and focused on selecting and initiating the right actions and the right strategies at the outset so you know you’re headed in the right direction with a route map to get you there!

I’m confident that you’ll be delighted with this programme but I want you to feel confident that you’re investing your time, money and energy wisely, which is why I offer you my personal guarantee.

My promise is to deliver high quality support to you throughout this journey and I am totally committed to making sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. I am also committed to you taking action and my guarantee reflects that. So, if at the end of our first month together, you have attended our scheduled sessions and taken action on the steps you committed to and you’re not completely satisfied, then I will give you a 100% refund. So you have nothing to worry about.

We simply have a conversation! I never rush anyone into a decision, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to commit without having had a private chat with me first, free of charge and free of obligation. I can find out more about you and your business dreams and you can ask any questions you have and together we can decide if this would be the best support for you. 

So, take 30 seconds to fill out the form below and let’s set up a time to connect and see if I’m the right fit for you.

Because one thing is certain

Unless you put yourself out there and actively start taking steps towards what’s calling you, you’ll never see it come to fruition. That means putting aside the part of you that’s hesitant and afraid, working through the doubts and procrastination and getting started. Because now more than ever, the world needs what you have to offer.

So I’m urging you to take a deep breath, put your fears to one side and make the vision you’ve dreamed of come to life.

That’s exactly what I’m inviting you to do.

Your Investment:

The overall investment for your 3-month Flying Start mentoring package is £1470 +VAT or 3 monthly payments of £500+VAT.

I totally understand that making this type of investment in your business future is not always easy – particularly when you are just starting out.

So please, let’s get to know one another before you make a decision. I’d love to learn more about you and your mission and help you get your business up and running with simplicity and ease. By submitting the form below, you’re simply telling me that you’re truly interested in working together. You’re not committing to anything, apart from finding out more!

I’m here to help you make it happen.