Plan P Strategy Session

Plan P Strategy Session

An invigorating shot of clarity, focus and inspiration to catapult you into wholehearted action.

A deep-dive session where you’ll gain a fresh perspective on what’s possible and walk away knowing the next steps to take on your adventure.

Creating a business in your 50’s and 60’s can be a HUGELY rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially when that business means you get to make a contribution, make a difference and make solid income, doing what you love.

But I know from personal experience, as well as from the women I support, that sometimes it can feel more like – and I quote – ‘…a shapeless blob of restlessness and frustration!’

And when this happens, all your precious, exciting plans, ideas and dreams come to a grinding halt…… leaving you well and truly STUCK.

Feeling ‘stuck’ is something I KNOW affects LOTS of us – those of us already in business as well as those who are at the pre-business stage. It’s VERY common, incredibly debilitating and it can make you feel like…. um, well, let’s just say it makes you feel pretty wretched!

One of my clients likened it to being in one of those dreams where you’re desperately trying to run but can’t actually move.. and we’ve all woken up in a cold sweat after dreams like that haven’t we?

Any of this sounding familiar?

The reality is, we ALL get stuck in our businesses. We ALL experience the frustration of sometimes feeling we’re not really getting anywhere…..of finding it hard to make decisions… of not being absolutely sure which way to go.

And that’s ok.

But what’s NOT ok is staying in this place, too hesitant to make a move simply because you’re not sure what to do next! That sort of inaction – as I’m sure you know only too well – simply keeps you and your Plan P dreams stuck and frustrated.

And ‘stuck and frustrated’ is not a productive place to be, is it?

But since you’re reading this, I’m sensing you’re looking for a way to change all that…

So let’s look at how you can move BEYOND stuck

The bottom line is this: NOTHING changes without action – that’s precisely why we get stuck….  but EVERYTHING can change with action. It really IS as simple as that.

So… thank you, thank you! I feel much clearer, calmer, happier and generally better prepared for all that’s coming up. Replacing the worry with the clarity and focus you brought has made all the difference.”

Mary McNeil

This is EXACTLY why the Plan P Strategy Session exists

An energising 'power hour'

When you absolutely know WHAT you want to do, without being clear HOW to do it, or what to do next, you feel blocked, you procrastinate, you make excuses and you waste time…. a LOT of time.

A Plan P Strategy Session takes all that away in an energising ‘power hour’ designed to help you move out of analysis paralysis and into action by giving your Plan P dreams and ideas a shot of focus and momentum so that you can:

  • Break the ‘stuck stalemate’
  • Release all that negative, frustrating and unproductive energy
  • Re-kindle the sparks of motivation and inspiration
  • Get your mojo backand get going again!

A Plan P Strategy Session frees you up so you can take the next step and move on

Time and time again, I’ve witnessed how quickly things unfold once clients decide to take the next step toward their goals…. and how that ONE step can kick-start their journey and lead them to places they could never have anticipated.

So, no matter WHERE you’re stuck or WHAT stage you’re at right now, a Strategy Session will give you a boost of focus and momentum to move you forward.

A Plan P Strategy Session can help if

  • You realise it’s time to get more strategic with your dreams rather than passively ‘wishing and waiting’.
  • You feel totally energised by the possibilities a business of your own presents one minute but feel daunted, overwhelmed and frustrated the next!
  • You find yourself chasing your tail, taking lots of action without gaining the traction and results you want.
  • You’re at the very early stages and have either the seed of an idea or maybe LOTS of half-formed ideas clamouring for attention but you don’t know where to start or you can’t decide which one or to pursue.
  • You feel you generally know what you do, who you help and what it is that you offer but it all feels a bit hit and miss and a little haphazard to say the least.
  • You know you need some much-needed focus, clarity and direction because you’re tired of constantly questioning if what you’re doing is even on the right track.

“Talking with you and with your brilliant approaches you already helped me to gain my focus and inner power back.”

60 minutes devoted to the business you love

At the time of your Plan P Strategy Session we spend an hour together on ZOOM (an online video conference platform – or by phone if you prefer.)

We start with the big picture overview of your Plan P and then dig into where you are, where you want to be and what you can DO right now to bring your emerging vision to life.

We cover a LOT in that time and it can be recorded so you can listen back later.

Your Investment? Just £99* ( * introductory launch price, normal price £147)

I felt calmed down minute by minute and left with my overwhelm transformed into a clear plan. Such a blessed relief! Thanks Karen.”

Priya Tourkow

And by the time we’re done…..

You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted!

You’ll leave your session focused and re-energised, with a fresh perspective on what’s possible and walk away knowing the next steps to take on your adventure.

And nobody – I repeat NOBODY – leaves without a massive shot of motivation and momentum to help you on your way.

Ready to give your precious business the time, energy and respect it deserves?

When you are ready, it’s a simple two-step process:

First, click the ‘Apply Here’ button where you’ll be asked to complete a few questions about you, your business, your challenges and goals.

Next, I’ll send you all the details you need via email: select a time for your Strategy Session that works for your diary, via my online calendar and once you’re all booked in, an invoice will be emailed to you that can be settled through Paypal or by direct debit to my business account.

Your Investment? Just £99* ( * introductory launch pricenormal price £147)

Remember, NOTHING changes without action – that’s precisely why we get stuck….  but EVERYTHING can change with action.

It really IS as simple as that.