Power Hour

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or disheartened?

Stuck in inertia, unsure where to start or go next?

Ready to start gently opening up to new possibilities?

Time to invest in a Power Hour Session!

Get those vague and woolly ideas out of your head and start shaping them into something with potential!

An invigorating shot of clarity, focus and inspiration to catapult you into wholehearted action.

A deep-dive session where you’ll gain a fresh perspective on what’s possible and walk away knowing the next steps to take on your adventure.

Clarity, focus, inspiration and action

It’s not exactly a whole heap of fun finding yourself in the grip of procrastination and indecision, is it?

It’s frustrating at best and totally incapacitating at worst. Because the weight of all those half-formed ideas is a burden that keeps you stuck, unfocused and powerless to make the impact you know you are capable of.

An hour of dedicated focus can make a world of difference

What lies between where you are and where you want to be is an hour of dedicated focus. And that’s where I can help by offering you my personalised advice in a Power Hour session.

A Power Hour is a fast-track approach designed to provide a blast of clarity, focus and inspiration to get you unstuck and into action…… quickly!

So what’s keeping you stuck right now?

Perhaps you’d love to get your Plan P project off the ground but don’t know where on earth you even start…. or if it’s even possible.

Perhaps you want to explore opportunities to create prosperity from your passion or experience.

Maybe you’d just like to sell more of your products/services online…. or you’re stuck on what services you can offer…. or how to reach more clients.

It’s okay. We all need help at times to see the opportunities available to us. That’s what the Power Hour session is all about – finding the clarity you need to get unstuck and into action. Because the only way you can shine your light is by taking action.

No action = no results. 

And if you’re in any doubt as to whether your particular challenge is suitable for a Power Hour, just ask!

What results can you expect?

It’s important to note, that the ‘power’ of this session lies NOT in the hour itself but in what you are able to DO as a result of our hour together.

It’s designed as a catalyst to kick-start you into action so you can:

  • Move out of crippling ‘analysis paralysis’ and move forward
  • Replace negative, unproductive energy with a powerful injection of energy, motivation and inspiration.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on what’s possible
  • Walk away, re-focused, re-energised knowing the next steps to take on your adventure.
  • And nobody – I repeat NOBODY – leaves without a massive shot of motivation and momentum to help them on your way.

THIS is what’s possible during a Power Hour

What would it mean to you to get some real clarity on the idea that’s been taking up so much space in your head?

Imagine for a moment… taking a deep breath at the end of our hour together and feeling both relieved and reenergised because that ‘thing’ that’s been hounding you for weeks, maybe even months… the thing that’s been holding you back, sapping your energy and keeping you stuck for far too long…..

…is finally sorted!

So… thank you, thank you! I feel much clearer, calmer, happier and generally better prepared for all that’s coming up. Replacing the worry with the clarity and focus you brought has made all the difference.”

Mary McNeil

What’s included


This is so we can make the most of your session and get things rolling as soon as we jump on the call. This will also help you get your mind tuned to thinking about what you want to get out of working together so we can achieve the result you’re looking for.


A one-to-one with me via Zoom, where I provide you with super-focused, tailored support and expert guidance on the key problem you really want to get sorted and we’ll come up with a plan of action for you to take forward after the session. You’re going to feel excited to get going as you’ll now know EXACTLY what you need to do next!


We cover a lot of ground in this value-packed session so a video recording of our chat is a great resource to have for future reference.


This follow-up call a week later is an accountability check-in to see how it’s all going, (because we all need a little extra incentive to make sure we do things sometimes!) as well as your chance to ask me any questions that have come up since our power hour.

“Talking with you and with your brilliant approaches you already helped me to gain my focus and inner power back.”


Your investment

A Power Hour is just £99.

Simply purchase your Power Hour session by heading to the link below.

After checkout you’ll be redirected to the questionnaire and the link to schedule your session.

It’s as simple as that!

“I felt calmed down minute by minute and left with my overwhelm transformed into a clear plan. Such a blessed relief! Thanks Karen.”

Priya Tourkow