Your Next 90 Days

Your Next 90 Days: what will YOU achieve?

Your Next 90 Days1:1 Coaching Collaboration & Personalised Support
Clarity | Focus | Action | Accountability | Results

A 90 Day injection of ‘impetus and oomph’ to get your next brilliant idea out of your head and make it happen!

Especially for you if….

  • you flit from one project to the next without seeing anything through to fruition
  • you can’t seem to find the space or momentum to get your ideas off the ground
  • you’re working flat out but don’t seem to be getting very far
  • you get bogged down in the minutiae of it all which stops you moving things forward in the way you’d like
  • you feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle with your to-do list
  • you know you need to do things differently


What ARE your plans for the next 90 days?

I don’t mean that relentlessly long ‘to-do’ list which never seems to get any shorter… I mean the things you are prioritising and concentrating on right NOW to ensure you strengthen your business and importantly, bring more clients and more revenue into it.

I know, I know…. there are so many seriously brilliant ideas you’re ‘working on’… so many wonderful intentions. But as you already know, all these seriously brilliant ideas and wonderful intentions will only benefit you, your clients and your business IF they are implemented.

I’m guessing you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Too many ideas, too little time….

When the ‘too many ideas, too little time’ panic sets in, you end up doing…  very little! It’s great being your own boss but without direction, focus and accountability it’s oh so easy to get sidetracked and end up 3 months down the line, wondering why you haven’t really gone anywhere!

Not only is all this very frustrating – it’s also very costly.

All this stuff you’re NOT finishing puts a big dent in your financial fortunes too… NOT finishing that eBook… or that workshop…. or that program, product or service, is at a cost to your income. So it makes perfect financial sense to get clear and focused on selecting and initiating the right actions and strategies that will have a positive impact on your income.

Ideas and intentions aren’t much use to anyone if they never get to see the light of day, whereas one or two carefully selected projects designed, created and implemented can have a transformational effect on your business fortunes.

So how does this sound?

The two of us working together in collaboration to make that ‘something brilliant’ happen in your business over 90 days.

What might that ‘something brilliant’ be for you?

Maybe it’s launching a new product or service… building your community…. moving away from the time for money business model…. taking aspects online….. or WHATEVER idea you have that needs 90 days of consistent focus and action to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

It’s all about you getting tangible results… results which will make a difference to your business,… results which, with the best will in the world, are HARD to achieve on your own.  (If you are in any doubt about this, just look back at what you have achieved over the previous 90 days.)

The results my clients experience are because we create the right environment for success – with these KEY elements in place, the whole process becomes much, much easier:


  • a defined amount of time – a 90 day achievable deadline!
  • clarity – knowing exactly WHAT you want to make happen and keeping that goal in sight
  • focused action – not just any old actions but focused actions.  It’s not about working harder or putting more effort in – it’s about directing that effort
  • ….and the one that makes ALL the difference – accountability. Accountability combined with in-built support and gentle, persistent encouragement


Can you IMAGINE what YOU could achieve in the next 90 days with these key elements in place?

Can you IMAGINE the satisfaction of actually IMPLEMENTING that brilliant idea you keep coming back to time after time?

If you can IMAGINE it… you can DO it.


Here’s how it works…..

To get the ball rolling you’ll be given a few simple and enjoyable prep tasks, designed to encourage your creative thinking and gently ease you into the process, ready for our planning session.

We’ll kick off with a 3 hour intensive coaching session (face to face where possible), where we talk about you and your aspirations, mind-map your business to get a big picture overview & assess which projects you want to focus on and start to design your action plan, so you can SEE exactly how your ideas are going to come to life.

We’ll then follow up with 5 x 60 minute coaching sessions, usually taken fortnightly via Zoom or Skype, during which we refine your action plans as your thoughts settle,  overcome any blocks or challenges you’re experiencing, so that you stay focused and on track to ensure you ‘make it happen’.

In between coaching calls there will be weekly email accountability ‘check-ins’ too, to maintain your commitment and momentum.


In the closing session of the programme we’ll discuss your outcomes, celebrate your achievements and guide you into your next 90 day phase of planning based on your results.


Over the course of 90 days you will…

  • manage your energy, reduce overwhelm and direct your efforts in a purposeful, intentional way
  • reflect, assess, plan, commit and take action
  • get that all-important clarity and focus on WHAT you want to accomplish
  • wake up each day knowing exactly what to do next to move your business forward
  • reduce your to-do list instantly by focusing ONLY on those actions and strategies and letting go of the rest
  • create a plan that is simple, powerful, actionable and effective
  • design products and services to reach your goal
  • have support, guidance and accountability to keep motivated, energised and on track
  • learn a planning process you can ‘rinse and repeat’ on a quarterly basis


Karen was so calm, down to earth and best of all, related every word she said totally to me and my particular situation. I felt calmed down minute by minute and left with my overwhelm transformed into a clear plan. Such a blessed relief! Thanks Karen.

Priya Tourkow

Your Investment

Your Next 90 Days is a TOTALLY personalised coaching collaboration with one to one advice, support and accountability and you can get access to all this for just 3 monthly payments of £360.

Payment is via your PayPal account, debit/credit card or online bank transfer payment. (Other payment terms and options can be arranged to suit.)

In the last few months, Karen has helped me break down that once huge, seemingly impossible thing, into many, tiny baby steps, each of which were doable and, just like walking, I’ve now got into a momentum where things are now just flowing quite naturally. My mind-set has totally changed too – once I became open to the idea that it CAN happen… it just did!

Nicola Forward | AMATSU Practitioner
North London

My Personal Guarantee

I am totally committed to making sure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. I will do everything in my power to help you create results but to get the most from the process it is essential that you take action and my guarantee reflects that. If at the end of our first month together, you have attended our scheduled coaching sessions and taken action on the steps you committed to and you’re not completely satisfied, then I will give you a 100% refund.

90 days can make a world of difference

I love to work with clients over 90 days. Most of us have a pretty good sense of what we can get done within this time frame. It’s short enough for the goal to always stay in sight, to focus the mind, and create a sense of urgency that leaves no room procrastination AND long enough to create something significant.

Motivational dynamite

Your Next 90 Days can be the motivational dynamite you need to get those brilliant ideas out of your head and into the world where they can make a real difference to you, your clients and your business, but let’s have a brief chat before making the commitment to work together to be sure this is right for you.

So please, if you’re raring to go… OR you still have some questions… OR you’re just not sure, the next step is the same – simply fill in the form below and I’ll get straight back to you with a link to my online diary so you can book a time to chat – you’re not committing to anything, apart from finding out more!

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